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Can An EMS Machine Help You With Pain and Arthritis?



Can An EMS Machine Help You With Pain and Arthritis?

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If you have ever gone through the process of recovering from an injury, then you know that it can be difficult. However, there are certainly different things that can make this process easier. An EMS machine is something that can help you recover from injury more quickly. It can help with pain and even arthritis, too. You should know that this machine is not what you want to use if you are dealing with pain from an injury.

What Does Research Say About Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Injury Recovery?

A total of 14 men participated in a trial and in this trial, each of them had to do repetitive elbow movements and they each received an EMS session after performing these movements. The trial found that there was a considerable reduction in the delayed onset of muscle soreness. It also found that each man had a better range of motion, too.

Electrical muscle stimulation can also help a person recover from an injury to their nerves more quickly. The study was done on a small scale, but it demonstrated that the injured nerve cells, which naturally regenerate, regenerated more quickly after EMS treatment. Of course, an EMS machine is not enough to help you recover from an injury by itself, but it can help the injury recovery process go more quickly.

How Does EMS Treatment Help You Recover from an Injury More Quickly?

An electric muscle stimulator can help you recover from an injury more quickly. When you suffer a muscle injury, you naturally cannot use it unless the muscle has recovered. This is simply part of the injury recovery process. However, muscles become weak and they may even go through muscle atrophy if you do not use them. The electric muscle stimulator stimulates your muscles and this makes them contract and relax, just like they do during typical physical activity.

An injury, especially sports-related injuries, reduces the range of motion that you have in your joints. This is especially true in your knees, elbows, and shoulders. You can use an electric muscle stimulator on an impeded joint to increase your range of motion.

However, electrical muscle stimulation also benefits you by promoting healing in the injured area of your body. EMS does this because it increases blood flow, which then reduces the amount of inflammation in the injured area. Some injuries, especially leg injuries, can make it hard for you to move around too much. However, you can receive EMS treatment and this can both maintain and even improve muscle tone, even if you don’t do any physical activity.

Does Electrical Muscle Stimulation Help With Chronic Pain?

There is evidence that suggests that electrical muscle stimulation can help those with chronic pain, as well. More specifically, EMS treatment can benefit people that suffer from chronic pain in their muscles and joints by relieving that pain. Electrical muscle stimulation can also relieve pain in patients that have fibromyalgia. Additionally, you can get EMS treatment if you suffer from chronic headaches.

How Does EMS Therapy Benefit People With Arthritis?

Swollen and tender joints do not have the same range of motion compared to healthy joints. Due to this fact, EMS therapy is a good choice for people who suffer from arthritis. EMS therapy can increase their joints’ range of motion.

Electrical muscle stimulation therapy can also reduce the pain and inflammation they experience due to arthritis. Electrical muscle stimulation accomplishes all of that because it channels a low-frequency electrical current through the person’s connective tissue and through their muscle nerves. The arthritis sufferer experiences pain relief when their body starts to secrete more endorphins as well as other kinds of natural pain relievers to the affected area of their body.

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