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6 Serious Reason for Toothache – It’s Not Always Cavities



6 Serious Reason for Toothache - It's Not Always Cavities

The teeth cavity has always been the primary suspect for toothaches. However, tooth cavities can be treated by ensuring appropriate oral hygiene or getting them treated by a reliable dentist. But what if the touch persists? This is a clear indication that the cavity is not responsible for our toothache, so there are other causes behind it. But what could be those causes? Continue reading as we explore different severe causes other than cavities that can cause sensitivity or toothache.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

No matter how frequently we visit our dentist or how effective oral hygiene we practice. A toothache can often persist because of an impacted wisdom tooth or even teeth in some cases. This impact can come in many different forms, as it can be because there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to emerge or because of an infection that might be developing on the wisdom tooth.

Other potential reasons could be tooth decay on the wisdom teeth or any type of damage on the nearby tooth. In such cases, we must visit our dentist, who will use digital imaging to determine what might be going on under the surface.

Gum Recession

It is prevalent for gum tissues surrounding our teeth to loosen up with time, resulting in dental conditions such as sensitivity, toothache, and more. This is because when the gums loosen up, they automatically expose our teeth’ deep and sensitive areas.

Gum recession is a severe dental problem that must be treated at the earliest; otherwise, this can expose more of our delicate nerves resulting in worsening the problem even more. Furthermore, when left untreated for a prolonged period, this condition can give oral bacteria, making us more susceptible to developing gum diseases.

Inappropriate Dental Work

This might not be a very cause for our tooth, but it certainly deserves a place in this list of reasons. There have been many cases where the filing in our tooth got dislodged further, resulting in exposing the cavities once again.

Inappropriate dental treatment has troubled many people just because some dentists used the ineffective or entirely wrong procedure to treat a dental issue. This obviously revives the toothache and makes it even worse than before. Therefore, it is highly recommended that we always do our research before going to a dentist to ensure that we do not fall victim to such cases.

Temporo Mandibular Joints (TMJ) Disorder

This is another less known cause that might actually be responsible for our excruciating jaw pain, which feels like a toothache. This deceptive oral condition known as Temporo Mandibular Joints (TMJ) disorder can cause a lot of issues such as inability to open our mouth fully or constant discomfort when talking or chewing.

This condition affects our jaws, so it actually causes pain in our jaws which can often transform into a toothache because the pain from the jaw radiates towards the mouth.

Severe Infection In The Mouth

The food that we consume these days is mainly filled with huge amounts of sugar. Oral bacteria’s in our mouth use this sugar to grow in our mouth and eventually thrive on our teeth. This can further deteriorate the condition in our mouth, giving rise to mouth infection.

These infections can cause severe toothache even if we do not have a tooth cavity. Often some cracked or abscessed teeth can leave our sensitive areas exposed, making it even better for the oral bacteria’s to thrive in our mouth and cause even more pain and discomfort when left untreated for a prolonged period.

Rigorous Brushing

For some reason, many people believe that rigorous brushing of teeth can be beneficial for our oral health. While it can be helpful, only to a certain extent, following this practice regularly can do more harm than good. Therefore, most experts always recommend their patients use medium or soft-bristled toothbrushes to ensure that we do not end up damaging our tender and sensitive gum tissues.

Additionally, one must refrain from using abrasive substances such as baking soda to clean our teeth because it causes the gum tissues to wear out with time. This can be very bad for our overall oral health because gum tissues do not regenerate, and we might have to opt for gum grafting to treat the condition.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most common causes other than teeth cavity that can be responsible for our toothache. However, one must visit a dentist to determine the true source of the pain because they are equipped with the required skills and equipment to determine the source more accurately. The best we can do is adhere to good dental practices and make efforts to maintain our oral health so that things do not escalate to other severe dental issues.

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