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9 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Private Driver for Your Vacation



Hire a Private Driver for Your Vacation

Photo by Rolando Garrido on Unsplash

Most people feel that the fun of having a driver’s license slowly dwindles as they begin driving on the road every day. Driving your own car seems not that exciting anymore, especially when you are in total control – what speed to maintain and where you’re going.

Driving also implies various duties. To avoid accidents, it’s a must for you to be attentive on the road. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, you should know how to fix it. You should also do other things that make driving a bit of a tedious activity, especially when you’re on a holiday. However, there is an alternative to it. Rather than wasting your time getting caught in traffic jams, you can simply hire a private driver.

If you’re a bit sceptical about hiring your very own chauffeur, read on to learn more about its benefits.

1. No Unnecessary Stops to Ask for Directions

When you’re on a holiday and are not familiar with the roundabouts of the area, it’s typical to make stops to ask for directions. This can be stressful in most parts, particularly if you’re within the busiest cities of the world. To save you from all these troubles, it’s best to go for a car hire with a personal driver who knows every alley and turn in the city.

They’ll help you reach all notable spots and literally everywhere you want. You get to enjoy your vacation more as you’ll be spared from driving. Hiring a personal chauffeur allows you to be able to move around without giving necessary prior notice. They’ll be there always waiting for you in the car, downstairs or whichever location you choose. They’re always at your service.

2. You’ll Always Be on Time for Appointments

It’s frustrating knowing there’s a chance you’ll be late for your train which departs in 20 minutes and there you are at a snail’s pace in your car in a cramped street. Perhaps the road’s situation is caused by heavy snowfall, and you have selected the wrong route to drive or forgot to check the weather forecast.

On the other hand, these can be taken care of if you entrust your driving to a professional. You can surely get to your destination on time and in a hassle-free mode.

3. You Can Do Other Things While Commuting

Driving your own car holds you no other choice but to stay focused on the road. You can only either talk to another person in the car or listen to music. However, with a personal driver, you can use your time more efficiently. You can check out the best burgers in Brisbane, read a book, browse the Internet and many other things.

4. No More Worry About Parking Spaces

Hire Private Driver for Your Vacation

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

Even in the foreseeable future, the ever-growing problem of finding a parking space in large cities will hardly be resolved. Every year, the number of vehicles on our roads is dramatically increasing, yet the roads remain unchanged. Looking for a parking spot seems like a competitive challenge where you have to fight for every inch.

With your personal driver, this kind of scenario can be avoided. You don’t have to worry about parking altogether. Your chauffeur will pick you up and drop you off wherever you ask them to.

5. Enjoy a Night Out Without Worrying How to Get Back Home

If you drink, don’t drive—these two are mutually exclusive. However, with a personal driver, you don’t have to worry about having a night out with friends and going back home after. Enjoy your time with your friends’ company, drink alcohol if you like and let your personal driver take care of the driving back home.

6. You Are in Control of Everything

Even if you have your own driver, you are still in charge of controlling anything related to the travel: the location, speed, what route and what direction. Most of the time, you can’t do this with a relative or friend driving you using their car. You will only be a backseat driver, nothing else. They will listen to your comments and requests, but will most likely have their own thoughts and ways.

7. Will Help You Avoid Health Problems Related to Driving

You’ll experience negative effects (insomnia and excessive weight gain) if you drive for an extended time at a stretch. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to do some stretching or lie down on the back seat and get some zzz’s if you’re a passenger. Being a driver, you’ll find these a bit impossible. The advantage of having your own driver is that you get to do these things and keep safe while travelling. Your driver ensures you’ll have a safe and fun trip.

8. You Get to Experience a Wonderful Trip with a Competent Local

You know you are with an authentic person when you hire your personal driver who has been vetted and screened, a person who is fun and interesting to get to know about. As you travel with your private chauffeur, you’ll get to learn more about the place that you are visiting while knowing your driver too. You can either find out more about the area, cuisine or customs or practice speaking their language.

9. You’ll Learn About Interesting Insider Secrets

Great personal drivers have so much up on their sleeves, and one of them is special insider secrets. They will often take you somewhere surprising and unexpected to make sure you have the best experience in your travel history ever with them. They may show you places that aren’t found in the guidebooks or restaurants visited mostly by locals instead of tourists.

You will never know until you’re there. These experiences are what make your travel more memorable, together with your private driver.


Truly, hiring a private driver offers you tons of benefits – no need to stress yourself about the route, road situation, weather and so much more issues. Instead of enjoying it, you’ll end up getting all stressed out with the trip. With a personal driver, you’ll experience nothing but fun and excitement. You can even spend your time being productive while travelling in the back seat, freeing yourself from stress and worries. Private chauffeurs are life-saving.

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