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5 Lessons Learned from Traveling



5 Lessons Learned from Traveling

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Traveling is a hobby that is capable of fascinating people with so different characters and interests. Each trip gives a great new experience full of bright emotions, meeting new interesting people, diving into other cultures and traditions, learning lots of life lessons.

A trip for several days can give you much more than studying at university for several years in the meaning of new discoveries, a practical life experience that will be of great value for travelers for the rest of their lives.

In this post, we have collected the top 5 vital lessons that you won’t be able to learn at college or universities, read in books or find in documentary movies. This experience can be reached only by visiting numerous places all over the world and trying things that you would have never risk to try.

1. Learning new culture

Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

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You may hear that there is no need to visit a foreign country to learn its history and culture from scratch. Although, there are details and stories that you will hardly find in any book and website. Traveling to another country dives into the origin of its foundation and development. Besides reading about the basic knowledge related to a certain country, you will have the opportunity to listen to folklore stories from the people that have been living all their lives in the place. Besides, you will be able to visit all outstanding places that cannot be compared with the pictures or videos available on the web as far as not all of the information on the internet is true. Local citizens can tell you the stories from the past of this country and people that nobody will describe in the books as it requires much effort to visit the country and collect the folk.

2. Meeting new friends

benefits of traveling

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Meeting people during your journeys not only makes your traveling more exciting and interesting. These people can become real friends for the rest of your life even if they live in other countries. You will be sure that you have constant support from the closest people despite any location in the world you are now. They can also share their traveling experience and recommend to you the places that are definitely worth visiting. Moreover, it is always to agree on adventures with the company of friends rather than alone. The more people you meet, the greater your communication skill will become. As you know communication is very important in all spheres of our lives starting from family connections to the huge impact on your future career.

3. Become more confident

Why is Travel Important

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Traveling requires being concentrated on details, being able to connect with people of different nationalities and languages, ready for adventures and unpredictable circumstances. The more trips you have, the more advanced your skills become, especially if you are traveling on your own. Everything starts from the ticket purchase – you need to enter your information correctly, make sure that you have a suitable visa, think of insurance, transportation, and accommodation in another country, and so on. All these activities require thorough attention and a huge responsibility. After several journeys, you become confident and don’t waste too much organizing the trip, as it is a piece of cake for you already. This quality is also valuable in your personal and professional life as if you show a high level of confidence, you get a great and respectful attitude for your personality.

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4. Appreciate everything you have in life

Lessons Learned from Traveling

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Traveling is not always about luxurious hotels, spas, and expensive restaurants, especially for students. When traveling, you can meet people that live in such different ways than you used to think. There are numerous countries that are affordable for tourists with different budgets but that are full of poverty and gang violence. Some of these people do not have the opportunity to earn because of gaps in education, limitation of human rights, or lack of civilization that the country just doesn’t have any workplaces. So if you are not satisfied with the conditions you live in, you just have to stop complaining and change the sphere in your life that you don’t like right away. You start to value everything you already have as it is a real wealth compared to the people that live in poor countries where nothing can be changed at their will.

5. Safety tips

5 Benefits of Traveling

Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

Each trip is full of marvelous emotions and impressions as well as entirely unpredictable situations and problems that require quick decisions. You will never know where troubles are waiting for you but you have to be ready to react to them as soon as possible. So when you travel a lot, you also learn lots of safety and even survival tips. Before going to a certain country, it is vital to learn the common safety tips from other travelers, save the contact information for the embassy of your native country, and make sure your relatives and friends know where you are now. These basic rules may not just be useful but sometimes they can save your health and even life. Safety is the first important point especially in the countries with low levels of life. Then, you can also share your experience in your social media accounts to warn other travelers about certain areas.

In conclusion

Each journey to another town or country is able to bring you so much new and unforgettable experience that cannot be compared with reading it in a magazine or book or even watching a travel TV show. Traveling gives people lots of new lessons that actually create their personality, attitude to life, family, friends, career, education, and other spheres of life.

However, this experience will be even more valuable if you will share your travel stories with other people that follow you on social media. Many people are afraid of highlighting the real stories from trips but this information is exactly what newbies in traveling need not get in trouble and make their trip wonderful.

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James Baxter is professional essay writer at Rated by Students writing company, editor at top writing reviews and blogger, who loves sharing his experience and knowledge with readers. His hobby is travelling, so he has already been to 35 countries.

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