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How Traveling Improves Your Overall Health



How Traveling Improves Your Overall Health

Photo by Charlotte Noelle on Unsplash

There are countless benefits to traveling regularly, especially if you consider yourself someone who’s been bitten by the “travel bug.” But, traveling offers more than just a respite away from reality for a while. Studies have shown that it can actually improve your overall health and well-being.

One study of 800 lawyers even found that taking vacations improved their anxiety, reduced stress, and helped with depression. Vacations have also been found to help with physical issues like heart problems and high blood pressure.

That barely scratches the surface.

Let’s dive a little deeper into how traveling improves your overall health, so you can start planning your next trip as soon as possible!

The Mental Health Benefits

Traveling Improves Your Overall Health

Image by Total Shape from Pixabay

Most people know that taking a much-needed vacation is great for reducing stress. However, the benefits go much deeper than that. Not only can it improve your outlook on life, but it can:

  • Boost brain function
  • Improve creativity
  • Improve productivity and energy levels
  • Help you feel hopeful
  • Provide a sense of calm

Whether you struggle with your mental health or not, traveling can provide a sort of “reset” to help your mind let go of stress (that could be impacting your physical health, too!).

Perhaps most importantly, traveling can increase your personal enrichment. If you feel like you’ve been tied down for too long or that your creativity and inspiration are in a rut, making the most of your travels will help. Keep some of the following tips in mind to boost your enrichment no matter where you go:

  • Look up local history
  • Take a solo trip
  • Keep a journal while on your travels
  • Meet other travelers
  • Connect with locals

The more you’re willing to free your mind while you travel, the less stress you’ll feel, and the more peaceful and hopeful you’ll feel when you finally arrive home.

The Physical Health Benefits

Traveling Improves Your Physical Health

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

It’s easy to see how a relaxing vacation can improve your mental health. However, did you know traveling can improve your physical well-being, too?

Simply lowering your stress levels can have a major impact on things like the health of your skin, your blood pressure, and even the aches and pains you might regularly feel. Do you struggle with insomnia? A trip away might help. Do you have digestive issues? They may be brought on by stress that could be lowered with a long vacation.

Traveling can also encourage you to start healthier habits that you might not have the motivation to start when you’re in your comfort zone at home.

Sometimes, all it takes is getting out of your comfort zone and your standard routine to start taking better care of yourself. When you’re somewhere new, you’re going to want to explore. That will lead to more physical activity and drive. After all, when you’re surrounded by new and exciting sights and sounds, it’s hard not to want to see everything – often, the best way is on foot!

Eating local cuisine can also help to change your relationship with food. You’re more likely to appreciate what you’re eating and understand the importance of how it can nourish your body. Talking to locals and shopping at small marketplaces can change the way you see certain fresh ingredients, especially if you tend to rely on convenience foods and pre-packaged items when you’re home.

Most importantly, the way you feel while traveling can inspire you to practice self-care and improve your physical well-being, long after you get back home. Those healthy habits you fall into while you’re away can end up making a huge difference in how you take care of yourself.

Where You Go Makes a Difference

When it comes to taking a trip, there’s no “ideal” location for each individual. However, when you consider a trip to Disney World with a family of five versus a solo trip to a small European village, which one sounds more relaxing?

There’s nothing wrong with “tourist” locations, or going on fun, activity-filled vacations with your friends and family. They can reduce stress and improve your physical health, too.

However, if you’re truly looking for a boost to your well-being, consider locations across the globe that might benefit you the most. Where you go can depend greatly on what you’re looking for. If you’re feeling a lack of creativity or as though your life is in a rut, go somewhere inspiring like Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

If you want total relaxation and some time “off the grid,” head somewhere tropical, or go the opposite route and book a snowy, secluded trip in a cozy cabin.

Once you understand how traveling improves your overall health, you’ll feel better about taking more frequent trips and making the most out of every experience. Whether it’s been a while since you’ve been somewhere new, or you want a fantastic way to boost your overall health and well-being, consider booking a trip sooner rather than later.

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