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4 Reasons New York Is Worthy of Your Bucket List



Reasons New York Is Worthy of Your Bucket List

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Everyone’s heard of New York City and its legendary bright lights, but not everyone’s experienced it in the flesh. As a bucket list item on many travelers’ itineraries, the Big Apple is undeniably one of the planet’s most sought-out vacation destinations; however, those who are in two minds as to whether it’s worth their time and money might need a little extra push to book that ticket.

Of all the reasons NYC is worth every second and cent of your trip, these stand out as tall as its gravity-defying skyscrapers.

1. The True City Experience

Sure, you might have been to many big cities around the world – but if you haven’t been to New York City, you can’t really claim to have savored the true essence of a ‘big city’. Plenty of other massive metropolises exist worldwide; however, none of them are quite like the Big Apple in terms of size, towering skyscrapers, and all that unique culture spread out across a vast area – one that stretches out and spills over into Jersey City and Brooklyn.

2. A Foodie’s Heaven

Among all the things to do in New York, food always comes top. NYC is globally famed for its glorious grub, its most prominent belly buster being the New York-style pizza – an iconic dietary staple served by the slice that New Yorkers can’t get enough of.

Of course, this salivation-inducing delight isn’t the only item on the menu; NYC-bound travelers would be committing a crime should they skip out on the city’s tempting and massively supersized hot dogs, burgers, pretzels, and classic bagels – and all of these favorites can be found at quintessential New York eateries, diners, and streetside food stalls. Head to some of the top attractions in New York, and you will find these in abundance.

Additionally, fans of fancier food can tease their taste buds at any of the city’s Michelin Star restaurants, especially in sections like Little Italy and Chinatown, where food is the flavor of life. With such a wide variety of American and international cuisines available to sample all across New York and its boroughs, it’s entirely possible to spend a whole vacation eating your way through the city.

3. Museums and Art Galleries

The artistic prowess of NYC is second to none, serving up sensational galleries and museums home to fascinating works of renowned talent. In the midst of the city’s most noteworthy hotspots of spectacular sights is The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is plush with magnificent displays. Plus, even the building is a masterpiece, with towering stairs and exquisite details in every nook and cranny.

Another dot on the map for lovers of the arts is the Guggenheim Art Museum, with its spiraling floors and enormous skylight illuminating the interiors. On the other hand, if history and sci-fi are your preference, the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, complete with its imposing vessels, promises the perfect day out.

4. Lady Liberty

Four Reasons New York Is Worthy of Your Bucket List

Photo by Arturo Rubio from Pexels

Without a single doubt, the Statue of Liberty is one of New York’s most recognizable features – a legend in herself who is, more often than not, among the main reasons why so many tourists descend to the city in the first place.

Lady Liberty is a major symbol of freedom in the US, dominating the skyline in all her splendor – and visitors are welcome to see her in person through various means. Be it while cruising on a boat along the Hudson River, touring the historic Ellis Island, or even going inside the statue herself to gaze at the city from inside her crown, guests of NYC can enjoy this US marvel at their leisure however they see fit.

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