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Travelling Trends and Tips for Baby Boomers (2022)



2022 Travelling Trends and Tips for Baby Boomers

Image by Rudy Anderson from Pixabay

Baby boomers are the biggest generation to ever exist, and their contribution to travel is equally as large, with the age-group spending as much as $157 billion per year on travel. Traveling like a baby boomer isn’t your run of the mill travel either, it’s different, and it provides a notable difference to your traveling experience.

With that in mind, whether you are a baby boomer prepping for your next trip, or you want to travel like a baby boomer, these trends and tips will help you have a fun, productive and relaxing holiday – all in one.

Bag a bucket list destination

Several of the locations favored by baby boomers are iconic landmarks around the world. Some of the top international destinations favored by baby boomers include the Caribbean, Italy, France and Mexico, likely for the combination of good weather, famous food and culture.
Choosing destinations that are on their bucket lists are key for baby boomers, as it is fulfilling a lifetime wish while also getting to explore. In addition, exotic destinations further help baby boomers to escape the monotony of everyday life for a better, more relaxing holiday.

Find time to unwind

One of the top tips for traveling like a baby boomer is actually taking time to relax. This means choosing locations such as coastal destinations that can help you unwind. Spending time near the ocean has a proven beneficial impact on your mental health, helping you to be more alert, energized, as well as lowering your stress levels.

Many baby boomers will also splurge on luxurious touches to their holidays, contributing up to 80% of the money spent on luxury travel. Indulging in spa days such as massages or spiritual lessons such as yoga can be a great way to improve your mental health while traveling.

Take a tour

Choosing to visit some of the local landmarks of their chosen destination while visiting is a great way that baby boomers transform their traveling.

For baby boomers, taking a tour while traveling is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and socialize with those in the same age division as you, while also getting to explore somewhere new. Choosing a tour also allows baby boomers to experience the things they wish to in a manner that is suitable for them, taking age, athletic ability and interests into account.

Experience local culture

Baby boomers appreciate authentic culture and travel and seek to discover local gems that make them feel more acclimated to their environment.

Many locals will be able to provide once in a lifetime trips for visitors. Some accommodations are even able to offer up-close experiences with wildlife through their conservation efforts, meaning not only are you helping the environment, but you’re also experiencing something unique.

Disconnect from social media

While many baby boomers own phones that they regularly use while traveling or vacationing, many choose to disconnect from social media. Only 54% of international travelers will use their phone during their trip, with the most popular activities being messaging, calling, taking photos and finding food and activities to enjoy.

Using social media can be a great way to discover events, but many baby boomers choose to disconnect, providing a well needed mental health break. Additionally, baby boomers prefer to use their travel time to connect with family and friends and experience new things.

Try a domestic trip

More than ever, baby boomers are choosing to travel locally in new ways. Domestic trips allow for a more relaxed and unpressured travel experience with a good number of baby boomers planning “skip generation” trips with their grandchildren, leaving the middle generation behind. Choosing the right passenger vehicle will make for a comfortable and fun adventure.

To combat rising house prices, many have taken to purchasing campervans and choosing to travel local areas. As well as allowing a nomadic lifestyle and unlimited freedom, it can also be a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional travel. Remember to insure your vehicle for a worry-free trip. There can be great opportunities for domestic travel if done correctly.

The way baby boomers travel can teach us a lot about our own travel habits, as well as inspiring us to find a new way to explore the world. Choosing to focus on fulfillment and relaxation can have a fantastic impact on our overall traveling experience, which is why you should give some of these tips and tricks a go.

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