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4 Reasons Coney Island Is a New York Staple



4 Reasons Coney Island Is a New York Staple

Image by deniseomattos from Pixabay

For many New Yorkers, especially those in the Brooklyn area, Coney Island is a staple in their daily lives. After all, this beautiful destination is more than an amusement park on the beach. If you’re new to the area, or simply planning to visit, you’ll want to make Coney Island a vital piece of your visit as well. Here are four reasons why.

1. You Care About Fitness

You’ll have no trouble finding ways to workout in Coney Island. Whether you visit the gym, swim, or take a long walk on the beach, not only do you have the means to stay in shape, but you have the backdrop of the iconic amusement park rides, busy malls, and the sparkling ocean. Not many fitness centers or city parks can boast all of that.

2. You Enjoy Learning

While Coney Island is a fun place to visit, the fun isn’t exclusively about amusement. There are also fun ways to learn. Take the New York Aquarium and the Coney Island Museum as examples. The aquarium is home to animals of all types, from squids to sea turtles, while the museum provides a tour of Coney Island’s extensive history from its first documentation in 1609 through modern times. While Coney Island is considered to be a peninsula, did you know it was once actually an island?

3. You Like To Eat

Food is something everyone can enjoy, and with over 14 food and drink establishments, Coney Island makes sure you’ll never get bored. You’ll find simplicity with one of Nathan’s famous hotdogs, or you can opt for fine dining and a menu with a variety of seafood on the boardwalk. If neither of these choices makes your mouth water, there are plenty of options in between.

4. You’re an Artist Type

Artists love Coney Island. Not only is there plenty of inspiration for a landscape on canvas, but there are plenty of places to people watch for writers and poets. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an artist, after an afternoon or evening in this magical destination, you may find yourself yearning to express your experience.

Coney Island isn’t solely focused on having fun, though you can’t help but enjoy yourself. Coney Island has become a way of life. People from all backgrounds enjoy this Brooklyn treasure for the variety of activities, food, and inspiration they know they will find. If you’re new to the area, plan to drop in regularly.

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