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What Should Do After a Car Is Hit by an 18 Wheeler?



18 Wheeler

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

The difference in size and weight between a passenger car and 18-wheeler is considerable. And these differences make a truck accident horrendous than any other road collisions.

Some research data has shown that in recent time truck accidents has increased. So, we should always be mindful about it as well as we should know what to do after an 18- wheeler hits a car.

Some prudent steps are mandatory to take after truck accidents, but we know there may be lots of people who don’t know about those steps. And after facing such a fatal accident, one might go through physical and mental trauma as well.

Hence, we have decided to write about what should do after a car is hit by an 18 wheeler.

Some Common Reasons for Truck Accidents

Before jumping into the deep end, let’s have a look at some come reasons for truck accidents.


Commercial truck drivers have their time limit. Often, they are entitled to reach a specific destination within a limited time.

If they think they are missing the time limit, they increase the speed to reach the destination at the given time. Such speeding is one of the main reasons for truck accidents.


Though the number of hours of driving is regulated, this can be broken. If drivers don’t abide by the regulations and keep driving for long hours, they can become tired easily, which eventually led to the occurrence of accidents.


Distractions from the mobile phone, navigation system, tablets, not looking at the road, etc. can lead to accidents.


Commercial trucks are manufactured with more complex technical and mechanical parts than a car. Thus, the breakdown of any parts of the truck is more common. Sudden malfunction is another reason.

What Should Do After a Car Is Hit by an 18 Wheeler?

So, unfortunately you have faced an accident with an 18 wheeler. No matter how severe the accident is, you have to give it the utmost priority. So are you perplexed? What should you do now? Have a look at the following factors.

Take Treatment

After an accident, your utmost priority is your health. Get proper treatment for your recovery. Otherwise, it could aggravate your condition.

In addition, taking treatment is also necessary for protecting your legal rights. As after filing a claim, the insurance company and other related parties will always check your medical reports.

Don’t Procrastinate

If you make a delay in taking treatment after the crash, the insurance company will make this issue for providing you the lower settlement amount.

So, if you want to remain at the safe side, seek treatment immediately or within 72 hours of the accident.

Contact the Truck Operator

After the accident, you should contact the truck operator to get basic details as well as insurance details.

You may want to claim against the truck company, driver’s employer, other parties involved with the operation of the truck. So, you should contact the truck operator to get some information.

Information and Evidence Gathering

If you are physically able to take evidence from the scene, then do it. You can use your mobile phone to take pictures of the nearby area, any visible obstacles, traffic signs, or other factors.

If you found any eyewitness, then don’t forget to take his or her contact details. Moreover, if there are any security cameras, then contact the responsible person for the video footage. It can be a great source of evidence.

Don’t Make Statements to the Insurance Company

One most important don’t regard truck crash never makes a statement to the insurance company other than notifying them.

Truck driver’s insurance will see as an opponent of them. So, giving them details of accidents and injury might create a problem for you as they won’t work for your best interest.

Contact with Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

After the accident, as early as possible, contact an experienced lawyer who is focused on dealing with truck accidents.

Your lawyer can handle the claim process with the insurance company, can do the investigation, will review the medical reports, and will prepare claim forms & supporting documents as well as will negotiate with the other party.

By experience, lawyers have tricks to deal with these issues. Even if they can’t reach to the best outcome, they will take the claim to court for ensuring a justified settlement.

Final Words

Going through an accident is always traumatic, and if it is a truck crash, then it can be obnoxious for you. In such a situation, you won’t be in a normal mental and physical situation, which is quite normal. Again, this article lets you know what should do after a car is hit by an 18 wheeler.

But after the accident, you have to go through a lot of procedures. An experienced accident lawyer can assist you in all those processes as well as can ensure the best outcome for you. So, never delay to take treatment and to contact with an attorney.

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