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Top Halloween Dress Up Tips For Kids



Top Halloween Dress Up Tips For Kids

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays for a lot of kids. Why wouldn’t they like it? After all, they get to stay up late, dress as their favorite characters, and even eat their favorite candy. They get to hang out with their friends and have a great time. However, a fun night can turn into a disaster for parents without the proper precautions. Here are some of the best tips to keep Halloween from becoming a bad one.

1. Pick The Right Size

The first thing you need to do is pick the right size for the costume. The costume needs to fit properly. Not only does it need to fit properly to avoid trips, but it also needs to give kids their full range of motion and not restrict eyesight.

2. Pick Something Bright

Kids typically start going Trick or Treating earlier in the night. However, it can get dark before they finish. It can be very difficult to see kids while you’re on the road. This is especially true if the kids are dressed in all black. A lot of costumes are dark. Because of this, you want to outfit your kids with something bright. Find something that lights up. It could be something as simple as a glow stick. This light up minecraft sword that shoots bubbles will go down well with gaming fans. Try to find anything that can make your children more visible to oncoming drivers on the road. If you visit your local Nissan dealership, you can pick up free Glow Guards which are reflective stickers that can be added to their costume.

3. Get The Makeup

You will have a lot of costumes coming with masks. These masks may make the costume complete, but they can be very restrictive. Unfortunately, they can not only restrict their breathing but also their vision. Instead of having them wear a mask, try to utilize Halloween makeup instead.

4. Test It Out

Instead of applying the makeup for the first time the day of Halloween, test it out beforehand. By testing things out beforehand, you can see whether or not it gives them a reaction. Test it on a small patch of skin. That way you can see if it causes them to get an unwanted reaction before you apply it to their entire face.

5. Choose Non-Flammable Fabrics

It’s always a good idea to opt for non-flammable materials when you are sending your kids out Trick or Treating. A lot of houses will have pumpkins outside. These pumpkins will typically have real candles with real fire inside. You can make things a lot less dangerous by having your kids wear clothing that doesn’t catch fire as easily. It’s always a good idea to reduce any risk by using battery-powered candles rather than the real thing.

6. Get Your Glow On

It’s always a good idea to light your kids up with all kinds of wearable things that glow. It could be glow sticks, glow necklaces, or glow bracelets. All of these things make your child more visible in the middle of the night. It’s also a good idea to outfit them with a flashlight they can use. Anything that can increase how visible they are is going to make them safer.

7. Encourage a Group

All kids should be traveling with a group if they are going to be Trick or Treating without their parents or adult supervision. You want kids to travel in a pack to help keep one another safe. You should also have a route mapped out to ensure they are going to follow a safe route during their Trick or Treating adventures. You also want them to check in regularly via the phone and have a set curfew they have to stick to.

8. Take Smaller Kids

Smaller kids should always be supervised by an adult.

9. Choose Wisely

You want to stick to visiting houses that are well lit. Don’t go to houses that have poor lighting. Not only are they likely not participating, but it could be dangerous.

10. Stay On The Steps

Encourage kids to stay in the middle of the steps. No kid should enter a stranger’s house.

11. Follow The Rules

Every child needs to follow the rules of being a legal pedestrian. Adults should show the rules to their children and encourage them to follow them. They should only cross the street at crosswalks and they should walk on the sidewalk.

12. Ask For Help

Tell the children they should seek help if they need it. Look for police officers on the route.

13. Check It Out

You need to monitor what your kids are eating. Dump out all of the candy they collected and pick through it. Throw out anything that looks like they have been opened.

14. Check For Allergies

If your children have any allergies, you want to look at the ingredients of the candy before you allow them to eat it.

15. Brush Up

You want to ensure that your kids are sticking to their routine brushing during the Halloween season. They will be eating more candy than usual. Because of this, you’ll want them to brush their teeth extra carefully and floss regularly.

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