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Yakima Carriers: The Perfect Hauling Solution for Your Two-Wheeler



yakima carrier

Cycling is one of the greatest ways to stay fit and healthy while also travelling. You can use it to effortlessly and stress-free make your way through and avoid traffic when going to work and back. It can also help you take care of errands through the city or shop for groceries. And the many useful bike accessories like pannier bags, rear racks, bike seats and trailer carriers make all of this easier.

If you feel like your two-wheeler can only get you so far, and want to visit some trails that aren’t that close to what you’re used to, then you’d have to up your biking game. This is possible by relying on the help of the bike’s arch-enemy – the car.

Quality Bike Carriers Make Travelling Long Distances Easier

Of course, to secure your bike to the car, you’ll need suitable hauling accessories. Mind you, I said suitable because although there’s a vast assortment of bike carriers on the market, not all are of the desired quality.

This is bad not only for the poor durability but also for the risk of such accessories damaging both your vehicle and bicycle. Instead of risking it by buying whichever comes your way first, do some research and find a brand that deserves the investment. Have you heard of Yakima, the reputable brand that has all the right carriers?

Are Yakima Racks Worth It?

Yes, because this company has practically set the standard for bike carriers over the years. So much, in fact, they’ve grown to be the most sought after with cyclists from around the world. It’s true, they started small with a machine shop back in 1970, but the dedication to offering great value for money, especially with the designs of their sturdy Yakima roof racks, has turned them into a leader in the market.

yakima carrier box

The choice of premium materials, plus the rigorous tests each of the models is put through, also have their influence on this brand becoming the benchmark for bike racks. Varying in sizes, designs, and features, there are Yakima racks to cover your every need when you’re up for exploring more of the surroundings with your bike or hitting off the beaten path.

Each of their models is created to transform your travel and provide you with more flexibility on the go, but that doesn’t mean they’re all ideal for you. To make a better decision, find out something more about the available options. The following info could help you with this.

Convenience in the Form of Yakima Roof Rack

If you don’t like to go through the hassle of disassembling and reassembling your bike every time you leave the city then this type of rack is the solution. Unlike other alternatives, the roof models are more convenient for bike storage and carry lesser risks of car or bike damage since there are no chances of impacting the paintwork in any way.

There’s also no interference with the visibility of the number plates. Another benefit is they don’t restrict your access to the trunk or the car’s interior.

The handy Yakima roof racks are also a worthy investment if in addition to securing your bikes in place you plan on repurposing them for hauling other bits of sports equipment. Outdoor enthusiasts who are crazy about canoeing, kayaking, or enjoying some powder fun skiing and snowboarding can have the peace of mind their precious gear is well protected and secured with the racks.

Although roof racks have long been known as an option that isn’t exactly fuel-efficient, with Yakima’s improvements you can cross off this worry now when shopping for a rack suitable for long journeys. You can also wave aerodynamic issues goodbye thanks to the brand’s dedication to eliminating noise and vibration from the wind.

The only drag you may expect to undergo is lifting the bike, though it’s great for building muscles, and being careful with the clearance as the “rack + bike” combo will add to your car’s height. But the sleek and elegant design compensates for this, and the rack system’s suitability with accessories from other brands proves why Yakima is simply better than the rest.

Quick and Easy Installation with Yakima Hitch Mount Rack

Adventurers who are spontaneous even with their trips don’t have time to waste on lifting bikes. This is where the hassle-free hitch mounts can be of help with hauling even more than one two-wheeler. Simply clip them on your vehicle’s hitch, secure the bike and you’re good to go. While they’re lightweight, they’re sturdy too, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not the bike is secured.

yakima bike carrier

The Yakima bike rack hitch models also go a step further in securing thanks to features like anti-sway cradles, the inclusion of pads, and more spacing. They offer versatility since they’re available as both hanging and platform designs, out of which the latter is better for providing more spacing. This means it’s perfect for preventing damage like paint chips.

In terms of security, if you don’t like to depend on extra accessories such as locks, get the TwoTimer which comes with built-in locks. As for the restricted trunk access, the brand’s design takes care of this with the reliable tilt systems that offer easy access at the rear part of the car – i.e. trunk area.

Minimum Loading Fuss with Yakima Tire and Trunk Mount Racks

If you don’t care much about the spare tire, then give this type a try. Quick and easy to install, they’re a great solution for adventurers who use more than one vehicle and want to spare some time on the loading and unloading. Differing in the capacity, you can find tire Yakima bike rack models that are suitable for two or three two-wheelers.

While they are a convenient temporary solution, they can add to the length of your vehicle which can be a con if you don’t handle backing up and parking all too well. If your case is the opposite, however, you shouldn’t have trouble parking even with this attachment. Features like the anti-sway design lessen the chance for risks of damage between the two or three bikes you intend to be hauling, or the bikes and your vehicle.

If you’re willing to give up the trunk at the expense of the roof rack, then pick out one of the many Yakima trunk mounts. Just as easy to install, and load and unload, they make great purchasing options that would amaze you with the affordability too. In case you end up requiring more security when using them, you can simply reinforce them with an SLS lock. Easy peasy!

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