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Month By Month Home Maintenance Checklist



Month By Month Home Maintenance Checklist

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A livable home demands regular maintenance. But a good, comforting home requires planned maintenance.

For this very reason, we have brought you a month-by-month home maintenance plan in this short guide. We will cover aspects of physical and financial maintenance required for every home throughout the year.

Let’s get started.

1. January

Since it is the beginning of your year, we recommend going easy on physical input and dedicating time to home finances. Set up a budget for your home maintenance such that you allot an amount for each month.

It is a good idea to commit to protective measures such as home insurance and boiler cover. If nothing else, you should at least get your boiler checked and repaired if need be.

That’s because boilers often quietly develop leaks, which can damage electrical components near and around the boiler. So, one damage can lead to another if not catered timely. Find out more about the threats that a malfunctioning boiler poses and its potential solution. Give it the attention it needs within January.

2. February

Now that you’ve planned your budget and catered to the utmost essentials, it’s time to get to the details. Begin renovating your house from the outermost sections, such as the garden or the yard.

Check if the garden or yard has any unwanted shrubs, trees, weeds, or bald patches. If you locate any, remove the unwanted items and fertilize the grass. This is also a good time to sow new plants.

If you’re too busy to maintain your garden, take external help. But never compromise on the greenery! It’s the refreshing element of your place.

Similarly, check for pests and infestations inside and outside the house. If you detect any insects inhabiting your home, call the pest control company to get rid of them.

If you haven’t changed your boiler, repaired it, or professionally checked it, we remind you again to monitor the water level and flush out hot water to avoid any sediment buildup. Ensure that it’s working efficiently.

3. March

March is the month of interesting changes. We recommend:

  • Repainting your garage door
  • Repainting your house doors
  • Repairing cracks and problems in walls and windows
  • Change your wallpapers

At this stage, consider whether you want to change the theme of your interiors.

4. April

As the season changes, it’s time to check out your air conditioning system. Determine if anything needs maintenance and take measures accordingly.

Moreover, if you’ve got an outdoor pool, it’s a good idea to clean it up in April. It’ll be ready to use as the temperature rises in the following months.

5. May

As showers begin, this is the time you should inspect your drainage system and gutters. Ensure that water drains well.

Also, recheck your home’s landscaping and ensure there are no bald spots. And the irrigation system works well to sustain the green element of your place.

May is the month when refrigerator prices are relatively low. So, if you’re looking for discounted appliances, it’s a good idea to shop during this month.

6. June

Relax! You’ve been actively working and taking care of your house for the past five months. So, dedicate June to reflecting on your performance, progress, and budget.

7. July

Resume home maintenance with pest control. After light showers, there’s a high chance you’ll see insects here and there, especially if you’ve got a lawn. Schedule a professional pest control and also pay attention to driveway maintenance.

Since this is a hot month, it’s an ideal time to get your HVAC and furnace filters checked. Also, you may need to take measures to ensure energy efficiency. Check out your appliances and replace what’s necessary if anything is consuming excessive electricity.

8. August

August is an ideal time to refresh and restart. Here’s what you can do:

  • Wash windows, doors, and screens.
  • Deep clean sofas, carpets, and other upholstery.
  • Clean fridge, freezer, and drip trays.
  • Sort your belongings. Discard items that you no longer use.
  • Reorganize drawers, cupboards, and storage places.

9. September

By September, you will say goodbye to wet and hot weather conditions. Dryness and cold chills will take over. Prepare your house to get back to warm things up.

As you can see, there are more cold months that you’ve to deal with as compared to hot months. Check your heating systems, boiler covers, doors and windows, and winter clothing to ensure you’ve everything in place.

10. October

October is a month of great discounts. So, it’s time to shop!

If you wish to renovate lights, fans, appliances, carpets, curtains, or furniture, this is an ideal time to shop for newer ones. It also applies to kitchenware and house maintenance services, such as replacing flooring, and countertops, and building other materials.

11. November

November is to adjust and improve the upgrade you made in October. Plus, pay attention to the plumbing needs of your home. Ensure all pipes, faucets, and drains are working well and safe from freezing cold air. It can block your water supply.

12. December

Before you head to January, reflect on your monetary division for house maintenance over the last year. Take notes for improving next year’s division and planning. Also, note if everything got executed as planned or if you need external help with any of the chores.

Final Words

Everyone has their own way of maintaining their house. We’ve suggested you a one-fit-all guideline as per the seasonal maintenance needs of a home. So, we recommend studying your environment deeply, analyzing and recognizing your specific needs, and adding them to this plan. Good luck!

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