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Top 6 Benefits of Web accessibility for Business



Top 6 Benefits of Web accessibility for Business

For businesses, digital accessibility for websites means communicating with a disabled audience. However, the WHO (World Health Organization) says that 2 billion people. And 20% of them have several disability issues that hamper their day to day lives. So, for businesses, it is essential to ensure web accessibility to maintain smooth communication.

If clients are worried about their company’s website’s credibility and digital visibility, the website’s accessibility is a must. That is why this technology topic has become the talk of the town for corporate organizations. Want to know more benefits on it? Read on this post carefully and explore some unknown benefits of these accessible solutions.

Key Merits of the Website’s Accessibility for Your Organization

Digital technologies and assets of your organizations should be user-friendly for disabled users. That is why we emphasize the term ‘accessibility. Now, if your company does not know about its unexpected benefits, below we cited few key merits on the same.

1. More audience reach

If we talk about statistics, 5% of the global population is suffering from hearing problems. Also, there is a significant share of visually impaired users. According to facts, 43 million users have the same problem, and 295 million users suffer from moderate-to-severe visual impairment.

So, companies who are running businesses must remember that these consumers can also add value to your organization. Want to know how much will it cost to ignore them? In 2019, businesses lost $15.38 billion, and every year companies worldwide lose out $6.9 billion by ignoring the importance of website accessibility. Your organization can capture the disabled users’ market and earn more revenue from them.

2. Enhance the market penetration

It is a fact that companies lose 15% to 20% of clients with inaccessible websites. It is because they do not meet up accessibility parameters set by WCAG. Moreover, they get a knockout punch from their competitors. Is your organization also belong to that excluded clients’ bracket? If yes, today, only opt for website accessibility and boost your business growth to the next level.

Enhancing brand visibility through the website is an excellent channel to market your service. However, without making your websites accessible, reaching the last consumer sitting at the corner most of the world. It is very simple to make it possible; just add few accessible elements on your website or collaborate with the accessibility testing company to find out the websites’ accessibility loopholes.

3. No more lawsuits for website’s accessibility

The total number of ADA (American Disability Act) III lawsuits rose up to 10,982 in 2020. More facts? Well, every year since 2018, the percentage of accessibility lawsuit filing is increasing by 7%. Many big brands come under its influence, and still, many lawsuits are alive in the federal courts. So, why invest in a legal battle and put your brand name at risk?

It is better to opt for websites’ accessibility and keep your business running smoothly. Time-consuming lawsuits will hamper your business productivity. Avoid this negative situation by collaborating with a website accessibility solutions provider. Professional experts ensure 100% accessibility for all your company’s digital assets.

4. Boost SEO optimization

Now, in the arena of digital marketing, SEO carries a significant value. So, website accessibility and SEO are a perfect fit for promoting your products to consumers globally. How? Even search engine pages rank accessible content higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Adding high volume keywords in the accessible content means there is no problem gaining organic traffic on your website.

Digital marketers worldwide agree that the excellent user interface and easier navigation on websites improve the visitors’ retention rate on the website. Moreover, including compatible audio and video files on the website increase the search engine rankings of your company. If your company’s website ranks top 10 in the SERPs, 70% of consumers will divert towards your website.

Benefits of Web accessibility for Business

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5. Good UI

After all, the customer is the king for businesses worldwide, and thus many of them emphasize a good user interface (UI). According to one study in 2015, 27% of disabled adults have not used the internet in their life, which is higher in the ratio of 11% non-disabled results. The major reason behind this huge gap is the lack of UI that companies provide to their consumers through websites.

There are many companies who design their websites’ interface that meets the majority of the population. However, we mentioned above what your company will have to pay for ignoring disabled consumers. Thus, develop accessible solutions with a good user interface that not only helps disabled users but normal users too!

6. Brand publicity

It takes years to build a positive brand image. So, to pace up this process, website accessibility plays a pivotal role in brand promotion. According to one survey, it takes only $38,000 to make a website accessible. Does not it sound good instead of investing million dollars in lawsuits application? With accessible websites, companies gain the attention of different consumer groups (millennial, disabled users, and senior citizens).

As a result, brand promotion becomes an easy task through the word of mouth publicity. It is a fact that 63% of consumers prefer purpose driven brands. This is only possible after designing accessible websites.

Hope James is an experienced professional writer at Acadecraft USA. She carries expertise in imparting knowledge in different academic disciplines. She also writes for different platforms.

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