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Non-standard Advertising Methods for Global Brands



Non-standard advertising methods for global brands

The world of marketing is constantly developing and expanding and new marketing techniques appear. Brands depend on customers to drive profits, so they need to invest quite a lot of money into advertising. If consumers do not know you, how would they buy from you? Because 2020 was a year like no other, brands and businesses have shifted to the online medium. And here, the competition for consumers’ attention is fierce. Many brands wisely use marketing tactics and strategies to catch the attention of their target audience, generate leads, and make customers loyal. There are many marketing techniques you can use, but they can be sorted into two categories: standard, the ones that everyone is using, and non-standard ones.

Learning about different advertising methods for your brand helps you identify the best marketing technique for you. Standing out from the crowd in a moment when every brand tries to increase its awareness can be challenging. At the same time, customers are searching for a genuine interaction with brands, so there are expectations from their side as well. So, global brands are looking for unconventional marketing strategies to increase their brand awareness. Which are these?

Guerilla Marketing

Well, you might have heard about guerilla marketing before, but do not know for sure what it means. Well, guerilla marketing could be one of the best non-standard advertising methods for global brands. Why? Because it takes the consumer by surprise. Guerilla marketing appears in a place and moment where you least expect it, hence the surprise factor. These can be done by implementing various interesting advertising options such as artwork on sidewalks and streets, custom promotional inflatables and guerrilla projections, etc. Unlike guerilla hidden projections that illuminate a building at night and seek the attention of passers-by, advertising inflatables are used to attract attention both at night and daytime. Custom promotional inflatables are one of the most effective ways to get people’s attention when you are marketing. By customizing them to your event or location, you can ensure that they will be eye-catching and memorable. One of the best things about promotional inflatables is that they can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can use them as decoration at an event or as a way to attract attention to your business. You can also use them in a more interactive way, such as by setting up an inflatable at a busy intersection and giving out free samples of your product. Guerrilla marketing is all about getting people’s attention in unexpected ways, and custom promotional inflatables are a great way to do just that.

It is used by many global brands, especially because the surprise factor will be remembered by the consumer. At the same time, guerilla marketing is a low-cost advertising method, say expert marketers from assignment help UK. Something that needs to be pointed out is that guerilla marketing cannot be done on large audiences, but smaller ones.

You may ask yourself how guerilla marketing works. It is a low-cost advertising method for a small audience, so how could you increase your brand awareness or attract new customers? Well, guerilla marketing relies on the fact that the ad is right in your face. And because you cannot help but notice it, you will spread it through word-of-mouth. Thus, the brand will reach a larger audience with no costs. Guerilla marketing can be done both online and offline; if you craft a message that will get viral, it will help you advertise your brand even more. Guerilla marketing is a non-standard advertising method used by global brands across the world and it has proven its efficiency.

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Stunt Marketing

We all know that word-of-mouth is quite effective and it helps you improve your brand awareness. If people are talking about you, it means they know your brand. Well, stunt marketing is an unconventional advertising method because it involves spreading rumors or making false affirmations to get the public’s attention. These can be about your brand or other brands. The information you are releasing is so flabbergasting that it instantly gets media coverage, which increases your brand awareness for free instantly.

Street Marketing

Street marketing was one of the most used non-standard advertising methods by global brands. But as 2020 was marked by a global pandemic that imposed physical distancing rules, street marketing wasn’t so popular anymore. As streets slowly turn lively again, street marketing becomes again one of the non-traditional ways of advertising. You can take inspiration from the principles of guerilla marketing that aim to create out-of-the-ordinary advertising materials to catch the attention of your target audience. However, the main difference between street marketing and guerilla marketing is that the second one can happen in the online world too.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a smart technique that helps a brand know which channels work the best for them. And how can you do this the best way? By testing them all. Growth hacking is an advantage you can create for yourself as a business, so it is important to learn everything about this. It is a non-standard advertising technique that is used by many global brands to identify the best advertising opportunities, formats, and channels.

Brands that put to practice principles of growth hacking will experience a surge in popularity and will get a considerable advantage in front of their competitors. Growth hacking is a marketing technique used mainly by startups, but it can be adapted to global brands as well. The thing is that growth hacking enlarges your perspective and it helps you discover new things about your target audience and your brand awareness. It allows you to get an idea of what channels are the most successful for your brand, but also the best ads and messages.

Content Marketing

Content marketing could be one of the non-standard advertising methods that involve more effort than the other ones. However, this of course depends on the skills available within the marketing team. Well, content marketing is a nice and unconventional way to catch the attention of the audience and maintain it. As a global brand that surely has quite a few competitors, it is essential to find ways to turn those visitors into loyal customers. For them to do this, you need to offer them something different than the other brands, something they are looking for and will appreciate.

Well, nowadays customers are looking for genuine interactions with brands. On top of this, they are looking for valuable, helpful, and useful information that will help them make the best choices. As a global brand, you can do this through content marketing. You can share and post content on your blog or social media accounts and offer customers and visitors what they are looking for. Aim to educate, inspire, motivate your target audience. If they find what they are looking for, they will likely stay with you. Even though it may seem that content marketing is not efficient, sharing relevant and consistent information will slowly increase your community of followers.

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