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Top 5 Career Choices For Extroverts



Top 5 Career Choices For Extroverts - career options for extroverts

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It is easy to thrive in any personal or professional group setting if you are an extrovert. You can communicate and reach out to people without difficulty, become a team player, and get involved in functions and events.

If you have these character traits, you likely want a career that will explore your values as a people person. Your outgoing nature exposes you to a wide selection of career paths in business, healthcare, communication, education, hospitality, and other industries.

Below are the top five careers that can fulfill your personality and goals as an extrovert.

5 Career Choices For Extroverts

1. Event Planner

Event planners coordinate all aspects of events and professional meetings. They plan activities, choose locations, arrange for transport, and organize all the occasion’s details.

As an event planner, you’ll regularly meet with your clients to get acquainted with the purpose of the event, talk about progress, and get their approval. And as such, you’ll be responsible for planning the meeting’s scope, including the program, cost, location, and time.

Here are just some of the tasks you’ll be responsible for as an event manager:

  • look for service providers
  • inspect the venue
  • find accommodation
  • set up communication equipment
  • organize entertainment, food, refreshments and activities
  • review, oversee and approve finances
  • coordinate and monitor activities and communicate with clients.

Whatever the occasion is, be it a business conference, wedding, convention, or party, you should make sure it is well-coordinated, and the purpose of the event is attainable.

With your distinct personality, you should consider taking up a career as an event planner. If this sounds like you, you have a slot in event planning, especially if you are a confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, assertive, and ambitious extrovert.

2. Marketing Manager

The primary responsibilities of a marketing manager are to conduct direct marketing activities for a business or company. You’ll be required to coordinate with PR staff and the sales department to develop marketing strategies based on the company’s guidelines, adhere to the set budget, and evaluate the marketing campaigns.

The company also expects you to assess the market demand, see what’s cooking in the competitor’s kitchen, and plan how to get it to the top.

Apart from your educational skills, you’ll need to meet your employer’s marketing goals and communicate them to your team. You are the driving force the company needs to ensure productivity.

By talking to people, you’ll determine how products perform in the market and work on making the company’s products better.

You sure have a huge responsibility on your shoulders, but with your people skills, it shouldn’t be hard for you.

3. Sales Manager

Career Choices For Extroverts

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Sales managers hold an important position that requires them to manage the company’s sales. As the head of the sales team, you’ll need to outline business goals, analyze sales data, build, train, and guide your sales team, and coordinate every aspect and detail that involves your department.

A sales manager’s position is crucial to the B2B business. You’ll be responsible for communicating with all clients, acquiring new customers, and closing deals, making it a perfect position if you are an extrovert.

Often, in B2B sales you will be required to address customer issues. Your communication and persuasion skills will be the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

You have a way with people, and you can excel in your career as you also benefit your employer.

4. Financial Advisor

A financial advisor evaluates the financial needs of a business or individual to help them navigate tax laws, investments, and insurance decisions. As a financial advisor, you are bound to meet with many people to give them financial advice and help them plan their short or long term goals.

A financial advisor must be well versed with all regulatory changes and economic trends. Your speaking and people skills help you make your clients feel comfortable, especially with risky financial decisions. It is easy for you to build trust with your clients and cordially address their concerns and questions; this should be your line of specialty as an extrovert.

Much of your responsibility as a financial advisor revolves around helping clients achieve their money goals. You’ll meet many clients, help them with research and advice on making profitable investments, offer tax and insurance advice, and assist them in planning circumstances like retirements and education.

Besides, your duties include monitoring their accounts and investments for any changes and guiding them to improve their performance or accommodate any changes.

If you possess these qualities and the educational skills required to become a financial advisor, go for it.

5. Public Relations Officer

A public relations officer’s job revolves around networking and making connections through media and communication. It could be about a brand, company, person, or product.

As a PR professional, you’ll be managing the public image of your clients through communicating with industry big wits, developing strategies, attending parties, and writing press campaigns. This career is exciting and fast-paced for an extrovert like you.

A lot of opportunities for public relations officers are often available in government entities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, hospitality industries, business organizations, and more. You can work in-house or with external clients.

Regardless of where you work, you have a responsibility to develop strategies that will perpetuate and create a positive image to the investor, media, and consumer for the client you’re representing.

Your success as a PR specialist depends on your interpersonal skills. Being an extrovert, you can thrive in such a busy career that aligns with your outgoing personality. Your energetic nature makes you a perfect candidate who can represent your clients and engage in meaningful interactions.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the best career choices to make as an extrovert, you should capitalize on your charisma and embrace these interactive occupations. Use your people skills to develop networks and make valuable connections.

Heather Redding is a part-time assistant manager and writer based in Aurora, Illinois. She is also an avid reader and a tech enthusiast. When Heather is not working or writing, she enjoys her Kindle library with a hot cup of coffee. Reach out to her on Twitter.

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