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7 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy



These 7 Ideas Can Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

A digital marketing strategy can either make or break a business. Without a decent digital marketing strategy, nobody will benefit from your product or service as nobody will know that you exist. You will need an effective digital marketing strategy to succeed in the highly competitive digital space. In this blog, we have provided you with 7 effective tips that can help you craft a winning digital marketing strategy.

1. Use interactive content

If you want to attract viewers to your website or app, then interactive content is the way to go. Many digital marketing agencies are experimenting with interactive elements on websites and social media nowadays. The interactive elements serve as an effective weapon in the arsenal of digital marketers. This is because the interactive elements help the marketers keep the users engaged with the brand and allow them to learn more about their users.

Interactive marketing can be conducted in many forms like

  • Interactive videos
  • AR(augmented reality) and VR(virtual reality) content
  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Contests
  • Podcasts

You can increase your visibility and reach in a quick and cost-effective manner using interactive content.

Heineken, a brewing company, created an interactive video to attract talented employees towards itself. The video shows how Heineken is a fun company to work for and asks the candidates 12 questions to help the candidates decide whether Heineken is a good fit for them or not. The interactive video campaign helped the company increase the number of applicants by 300%. The engagement statistics of the campaign were also great, around 2/3rd of people watched the video for more than 5 minutes on average.

2. Go for video marketing

According to research, by the end of 2022, videos will account for over 82% of the traffic generated on the internet. As most people will choose video over text, video marketing is expected to grow phenomenally over the next decade.

Ensure to prepare an effective digital marketing strategy that includes video marketing so that your brand can gain the benefit of this powerful trend. You can use videos like explainer videos, product description videos, testimonial videos and how-to video tutorials to boost the engagement rate of your videos.

Short videos are really popular on video platforms like YouTube and Instagram, and you should use the power of short videos to your advantage by making short informative videos about your product or service. You can partner with a video marketing agency to create powerful video content that is tailored to your business needs.

GoPro is a company that has effectively used video marketing. The company sells cameras that are popular amongst adventure enthusiasts and travelers. Have a look at the engaging video depicting the content generated by GoPro users in 2021.

GoPro shares the videos of its customers on its social media handles, and these videos serve as an effective marketing tool for the company. These user-generated videos show people using GoPro in adventure activities, attracting other like-minded people towards the product.

3. Utilize voice search

Voice search is one of the primary digital marketing trends that you need to focus on. According to a study, around 7 out of 10 customers prefer to use voice search instead of typing.

The popularity of smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home has opened up new possibilities for voice search. To inculcate voice search into your online marketing strategy, you will need to optimize content according to voice search. This is because, in most cases, the voice search queries will give different results than text-based searches.

To optimize your content according to voice search, make it more conversational and direct. This way, you will be able to easily sync the content with voice search queries. Include long-tail keywords aligned with the way people speak.

Domino’s is a brand that uses voice search in a big way. Domino’s launched an Amazon skill in 2017. Using the skill, the customers can interact with a character called Dom. The idea behind building Dom was to respond to the voice queries of the users in fun ways. Dom can also help the customers place orders through voice. Domino’s has invested in their own voice recognition technology to enable their stores to easily take telephone orders coming into their stores.

Voice search is much more convenient than text search, and hence prepare an effective voice search strategy to boost your traffic and improve your brand’s visibility.

4. Various analyses to assure users a pleasant journey

Data is one of the most important pillars of a successful digital marketing strategy. An effective digital marketing team is good at digging through data to understand where their potential customers will spend time(on which social platforms and websites) and then target them with specific content to achieve better conversion rates.

Data makes it easy for marketers to understand the user in an in-depth way. With a better understanding of the customer, digital marketers can now refine processes and create the ultimate buyer journey. Digital marketers can identify the exact type of content and the channel from where their maximum users are coming. For instance, if a business knows that a majority of its customers are coming through social media, then it can beef up social media campaigns and design a smooth workflow to help the customers go from point A to point B.

While optimizing the buyer journey, make sure to optimize the desktop as well as a mobile experience. Ensure that the desktop as well as the mobile user experience is consistent with the brand’s identity and make it simple for the buyers to find what they are looking for. A smooth buyer journey has a much higher conversion rate.

5. Measure your content and social media reach

7 Ideas Can Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Photo by Myriam Jessier on Unsplash

Many digital marketers make the mistake of not measuring the reach of their content and social media. You need an effective feedback mechanism to know whether your content marketing strategy is working or not. Understand that to improve anything, you need to measure it. By measuring both the internal as well as external reach of your content, you will get a broad picture of the type of topics, content and messaging that works in the market. Measure your content, and social media reach separately as there is a difference between digital marketing and social media marketing.

In a survey, 49% of digital marketers said that they use only basic metrics like clicks or downloads to study the content and social media reach.

Here are a few metrics that you can use to track your content reach

  • Number of engagements per month
  • Number of engagements by content type and sales stage
  • Top 5 most shared content pieces per month

To know the social media reach, you can track the following metrics.

  • Number of shares or reposts by influencers
  • Number of shares or reposts by leads
  • Number of impressions or engagements

You can use tools like Google Analytics, SEM Rush or Facebook Insights to track the reach of your content and social media.

Digital marketing is an ongoing process, and to stay ahead in the game, you will need to continuously monitor the demand shifts and trend changes in the type of content that works. By measuring your content and social media reach, you will be able to quickly change your content and social media strategy to align it with the changing trends.

6. Podcasts and webinars

The popularity of podcasts and webinars has grown over the years, and the pandemic has given a boost to this popularity. Podcasts and webinars are amongst the most popular forms of content as they are educational as well as engaging.

If you do not have the industry connections or adequate personnel or equipment, then creating your own podcast can be an issue. You can try to benefit from podcasts by getting on somebody else’s podcast. Many popular podcasts are always looking for opportunities to bring new people to their shows, and this can prove to be an excellent way of promoting your business. By getting on credible podcast shows with a huge following, you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

The same is true for webinars. Instead of investing in your own webinar, you can join forces with other entrepreneurs who do webinars on different topics that appeal to your audience. With webinars and podcasts, you need to share value and experience that helps people to learn something that will allow them to improve their lives.

Microsoft publishes a podcast named future, where it discusses the current trends in technology, automation, big data and public health. Knovel is a web analytics company that uses webinars to promote its brand. One of the webinars generated more than 700 on-demand viewings within three months for the company. Knovel was able to generate new sales leads from these on-demand viewings.

7. Use Google shopping

Google shopping tab features predominantly free listing to help businesses recover from the effects of the pandemic. The google shopping option is available to all merchants irrespective of whether they advertise on Google or not. This is a win-win situation for everybody as the merchants are able to list their products for free and gain exposure, while the advertisers can boost their campaigns with free listings. The shoppers are able to easily find the products that they are searching for.

You will need to provide the following five key elements to ensure that your product gets a proper listing on google shopping.

In order to make sure that your product gets a proper listing, there are five key elements that you have to provide:

  • Product name
  • Product price
  • Product image
  • Your company’s name
  • Product reviews

For businesses who go for paid Google shopping ads, Google takes care of the majority of management. Once you create a shopping feed that matches the requirements of Google, the company automatically creates ads and ensures that your products come up on relevant searches.

Build a winning digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for every type of business, and the digital world is constantly changing. It is important that your digital marketing strategy matches these changes. The 7 tips to improve your digital marketing strategy that we have discussed in this blog will help you reach your business goals.

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