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5 Benefits of Pursuing Your RN to BSN Online



5 Benefits of Pursuing Your RN to BSN Online

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If you are satisfied with where your career is headed, you may need something other than an online RN to BSN program. However, many nurses seek higher education to open up more opportunities.

Hospitals and medical facilities are expressing a preference for or even requiring baccalaureate-prepared nurses. So, why is this the case?

Increased Job Opportunities

With the shortage of nurses in the workforce, it is becoming more critical than ever for nurses to pursue higher levels of education. Online ABSN Programs at La Salle University open up more opportunities for nursing careers, such as nurse practitioner and nurse anesthetist roles.

It also allows nurses to advance their current careers. Many hospitals require their RN staff to have a BSN to stay competitive and provide better patient care.

Choosing the right online RN to BSN program is essential. Look for programs with high graduation rates and flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy nurses. Additionally, look for programs with experienced nurse educators who have real-world experience and know how to teach in a virtual environment. This will ensure you have the best possible success in your program.


Many RNs need help balancing work, home, and school demands. The option to complete their RN to BSN program online allows them to meet this professional requirement without compromising their current schedule and other life commitments.

Nursing professionals with a bachelor’s degree are in high demand in the healthcare industry. Hospitals and physician’s offices are eager to hire nurses with a BSN because they understand that this higher level of education translates into better patient outcomes. The curriculum of a BSN degree also allows RNs to explore nursing concepts and principles in greater depth, which can lead to increased career opportunities. It may even help RNs qualify for more advanced degrees like a master’s in nursing.

Increased Earning Potential

A bachelor’s degree in the healthcare industry can boost your earning potential. It’s also a key requirement for earning specialty nursing certifications that can open the door to more rewarding career opportunities.

Many online RN to BSN programs offer flexible options for students to complete their degree. For example, some colleges allow students to enroll in one course at a time to accommodate busy schedules. This option is ideal for RNs already working full-time and cannot commit to a full degree program.

In addition, students can apply for federal loans to cover the cost of their education. Some hospitals and other employers may also have employee assistance programs to help offset the cost of an RN-to-BSN degree. This can be a great way to reduce your student debt and accelerate the pace at which you earn your degree.

Better Career Opportunities

Even if you’re happy where your career is now and don’t want to move on, earning your BSN online can provide you with a broader skill set that will open up more opportunities for advancement. Plus, many healthcare facilities require or prefer nurses with a BSN degree.

A BSN provides more profound training in the physical and social sciences, leadership, and critical thinking. It also opens doors for higher-level positions such as nurse administrator, nursing educator, and nurse manager.

If you already have an associate degree or nursing diploma, you can earn your BSN through tuition reimbursement from your employer. This allows you to get the education you need without compromising your full-time employment or family responsibilities. This way, you can have it all.

Increased Self-Confidence

RN to BSN online programs are ideal for individuals with an associate degree in nursing and looking to advance their careers. This option enables students to gain additional skills and qualifications that can expand their job opportunities and help save even more lives.

Having a BSN degree can lead to more significant opportunities to advance within your profession, such as leadership positions, graduate school, and other options for advancement. A BSN also offers more profound training in the physical and social sciences, communication, and critical thinking that nurses need to succeed.

University RN to BSN program allows students to complete their degree in three semesters while balancing work, life, and other commitments. Learn more about the program and get started today.

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