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5 Reasons to Consider an Online MSN in Acute Care Nurse Practitioner



Online MSN in Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

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Acute care nurse practitioners treat patients who have experienced an injury, surgery, or severe illness. They work in emergency rooms, intensive care units, and skilled nursing facilities.

Online ACNP programs allow students to continue working while studying. They also offer the flexibility of completing clinical placements locally, which may help meet certification requirements.


The path to becoming an acute care nurse practitioner may vary, but it usually involves a bachelor’s degree in nursing and RN licensure. Many programs offer flexible options such as online learning and dedicated 1-on-1 support for busy registered nurses.

An acute care nurse practitioner programs online allows students to study at their own pace, attend lectures on their own time, and turn in assignments when convenient. This appeals to students with personal or professional responsibilities that interfere with traditional academic schedules.

Admissions requirements for online acute care nurse practitioner programs vary by school. Many programs require a minimum of an active RN license, but some have exceptions for learners with a BSN or diploma. Some also have clinical placement options in a nearby city or state, giving students the flexibility to work near family and friends.

Career Opportunities

If you’re a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), an online MSN in acute care nurse practitioner program offers a fast track to career advancement. You can become an advanced practice nurse, or APRN, and provide healthcare that promotes positive patient and organizational outcomes.

Online MSN-ACNP programs at Arkansas State University often include clinical skills training and clinical placements that allow aspiring acute care nurses to implement classroom learning and meet certification requirements.

Acute care nurse practitioners are needed in hospitals, including emergency and operating rooms. They help patients navigate difficult diagnoses, unfamiliar treatment plans, and harsh realities to regain control over their health and well-being.

Job Security

Nursing is a highly respected career that offers many personal and professional growth opportunities—earning a master’s degree in nursing, whether an online BSN to MSN program or an online ACNP, can further boost one’s career and give nurses confidence in being among respected professionals.

Online ACNP programs teach the skills required to assess acutely ill patients and determine the best course of treatment. This critical thinking is especially helpful in emergencies, where it’s important to make life-saving decisions quickly. Nurses are also a vital part of the healthcare team, and advancing their careers with an online ACNP program allows them to shape the quality of care that patients receive. This can be extremely rewarding.

Higher Earnings

RNs who enjoy working with patients facing complex or even life-threatening illnesses often choose to become acute care nurse practitioners.

Acute care nurse practitioner students typically take a lot of advanced nursing courses, but they also receive hands-on training at local hospitals and medical centers. This allows them to learn about different patient populations and advanced nursing practices directly from professionals in the field. This professional experience also adds to students’ resumes and helps them build connections in the medical community.

Personal Development

Personal development is any activity that improves a person’s skills or abilities in all aspects of life, from physical fitness and professional success to relationships and family. This type of growth can have a positive impact on the workplace environment as well.

For example, nurses who pursue their MSN in acute care nurse practitioner may gain more autonomy in patient assessments and diagnosis, leading to greater job satisfaction and morale. Moreover, their ability to problem-solve effectively can contribute to the organization’s overall effectiveness.

Taking your nursing career to the next level is an important decision that requires careful consideration. But if you’re willing to invest in yourself, an online MSN in acute care nurse practitioner could be the right path.

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