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The Power of Plants: 4 Wellness Benefits of Green Scenery



The Power of Plants 4 Wellness Benefits of Green Scenery

Photo by vadim kaipov on Unsplash

Interest in indoor plants is growing, and more people are leveling up their green thumbs to raise gorgeous monsteras and nutritious gardens. Plants are a favorite addition to any home decor, but there’s more to the power of plants than what meets the eye.

Studies show a number of benefits to walking in nature, seeing green spaces, and raising plants. Indoor plants allow you to bring a touch of nature home and enjoy many of the same wellness benefits a walk in the park could provide.

Whether you’re a new plant parent or your home looks like a greenhouse, here are some ways your plants may be improving your health.

1. Plants Purify Our Air

Many plants process carbon dioxide (Co2) and produce oxygen (O) during photosynthesis, which makes them an important part of our environment. This means that indoor plants can help purify your home’s air and improve oxygen levels. A NASA Air Pollution study confirmed that plants can destroy air pollutants and pathogens in their roots and convert these into plant tissue.

2. Nature Imagery Reduces Negative Emotions

Green scenery and plants may help reduce feelings of anger, stress, and agitation. Even plastic plants or photos of nature can calm individuals and decrease the effects of negative emotions. So if plant parenthood isn’t for you, hang nature-inspired art or place fake plants around your home to boost your mood.

3. Practice Mindfulness With Plant Care

Mindfulness and gratitude are powerful practices that help you reconnect with yourself and the present. You may not realize it, but plants are always moving and provide visuals cues for what they need to thrive. Tending to plants gives you the opportunity to watch them grow, learn how they communicate, and celebrate new growth.

4. Heal and Nourish With Edible Plants

Of course, many plants are edible with specific nutritional and healing benefits. You can grow herbs to flavor your food, healthy vegetables for your meals, and a variety of plants for teas and baths. If you’re not into growing your own food, consider learning more about your local ecosystem to pick up foraging. A walk in the woods can give you the benefits of forest bathing and provide ingredients for your dinner.

Plants provide a number of cultural and science-backed benefits to your health and well-being. Get started on your plant power journey with these lucky plants that can improve your well-being and home aesthetic.

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