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Thankful Of Your Family Caregiver? Ways To Express Your Appreciation



Thankful Of Your Family Caregiver Ways To Express Your Appreciation

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

A little gratitude goes a long way. So if your family caregiver has been tending to your loved one’s needs for quite some time, some appreciation can encourage the caregiver to keep up with his good work. This is because a caregiver normally performs tasks without worrying about or expecting any acknowledgement. When you give the caregiver some hints of your gratitude, it gives him comfort and makes the caregiving job worthwhile.

Although caregiving is a satisfying experience for the benevolent, the monotony of the caregiving responsibilities can become exhausting sometimes and the caregiver can find it difficult to keep going. To prevent that from happening, read ahead for some ways to express your appreciation and motivate your caregiver.

1. Cut down on his responsibilities

If the loved one is a disabled individual and it is the caregiver’s responsibility to shop for groceries, do the dishes and dusting, take the loved one outside on his wheelchair etc., then you can cut down some of his responsibilities to ease his stress. A working family may not find time to lend a helping hand but can always hire professionals to assist with tasks like mowing the lawn, doing dishes and vacuuming.

2. Remind him to take breaks

Some seniors and disabled individuals may require extensive assistance round the clock and working without breaks can make the job overwhelming. Stress is a cause of poor health and you can’t expect the caregiver to give his best when he’s in an unstable health condition. You should remind him to relax and take a short break. This can allow him to freshen up for the remaining tasks.

3. Assure the caregiver of your support

A caregiver should know that you’re there to listen him out. He’s not a robot run on battery and nor without emotions. So whenever you find him looking distressed, try to sit him down and have a conversation. Share some caregiver quotes for motivation and to help ease his stress and calm the mind.

4. Treat the caregiver to some relaxing spa

When you are free someday and willing to look after the loved one, you can gift the family caregiver with a relaxing spa coupon. This will allow him to get the necessary relaxation and me-time. A good spa session can prepare him for the coming days. He’d also appreciate the family members’ thoughtfulness.

5. Express your gratitude

Although you might be feeling relieved with the family caregiver’s assistance, you should occasionally express your gratitude out loud. Remind him and be expressive about his good deed by taking on the loved one’s responsibility and how his support is extremely valuable.

6. Thank him for his companionship

A veteran or disabled loved one is often found to be struggling with loneliness, depression etc. No matter how hard you try, it is difficult for a working family to scrape out time for the loved one and indulge in a good and healthy conversation. This is where the family caregiver comes to rescue. He can give him company for simple activities of daily life like taking a walk, watching television or reading a book. The family will feel unburdened seeing the loved one happy and occupied.

7. Surprise the caregiver

A caregiver generally gets into the habit of being more cautious about the loved one’s diet than his own. On a weekend you can surprise him by taking over the kitchen and preparing healthy meals for everyone in the house. It’ll definitely be a fun-filled day for all!


Ensure that a back-up caregiver is ready to fill in for the primary family caregiver so that he can get some respite, once in a while.

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