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Matt Zemon – Bridging Entrepreneurship and Psychedelic Advocacy through “Psychedelics for Everyone”



Psychedelics For Everyone Matt Zemon book

In today’s world, books play a crucial role in disseminating information and expanding knowledge on various topics. They provide an opportunity for authors to share their research, personal experiences, and insights, particularly when existing sources fail to provide accurate and factual information. Matt Zemon’s book, “Psychedelics for Everyone,” is a testament to this, as he seeks to raise awareness about psychedelics, their benefits, and safe usage.

Before embracing his role as a psychedelic advocate and author, Matt Zemon’s professional journey showcased his entrepreneurial energy and strategic leadership skills. In 1996, he founded Red Sky Productions, an entertainment company dedicated to promoting American Indian talent. Under Zemon’s guidance, the company established the first-ever database of American Indian talent and produced impactful projects like “Tribe.” Zemon’s leadership propelled Red Sky Productions to prominence in the entertainment industry.

In 2001, Zemon embarked on a new venture with The Brand Foundry, a specialized marketing firm focused on the cruise industry. Collaborating with governments and tour operators, Zemon’s leadership and marketing acumen played a pivotal role in the success of The Brand Foundry in the fiercely competitive cruise sector.

From 2002 to 2004, Zemon served as the Chief Operating Officer of The Original Canopy Tour, overseeing the expansion of operations across Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize, and Jamaica. He led the worldwide franchise firm, forging agreements with major cruise lines. Zemon’s entrepreneurial spirit further drove him to co-found Bulk TV & Internet in 2004. As the President of this private cable company, Zemon harnessed technology to develop efficient sales and operational processes, positioning the company as a leader in providing cost-effective television and internet solutions to businesses across all 50 states, including hotels, assisted living facilities, apartments, and condos. In 2006, Zemon founded Bernard, a firm specializing in subscriber management, back-office assistance, and call center services primarily for the cable industry.

In recent years, Zemon has made a significant impact through his involvement in various endeavors. As the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President-General Manager at LiveAnswer, he collaborated closely with the CEO/Founder to establish strategic relationships, foster company growth, structure operations, and navigate the acquisition process by Stericycle. Zemon’s commitment to mental health and well-being led him to co-found Psychable in 2021, serving as its Chief Strategy Officer. Psychable is an online community that connects individuals seeking legal psychedelic experiences with competent practitioners. Additionally, he co-founded HAPPŸŸ in 2022, a mental health, telemedicine, and well-being platform that focuses on making psychedelic-assisted ketamine treatment accessible.

Matt Zemon’s leadership style offers valuable insights for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. His emphasis on collaboration and teamwork fosters creativity, inclusion, and shared responsibility, which ultimately drives corporate development and innovation.

Renowned for his creative spirit, Matt Zemon has left an indelible mark as a producer, showcasing his talents in various projects throughout his career. One standout production was the captivating stage show “TRIBE,” where Zemon played a pivotal role as co-creator, co-writer, and co-producer. This extraordinary production made its mark across multiple states, including Arizona, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, during 1997 and 1998. Under the guidance of Tony-award-winning producer Kevin McCollum at the Ordway Music Theater, “TRIBE” garnered widespread acclaim, earning recognition as an assembly of unparalleled American Indian talent. With Raoul Trujillo directing and Alejandro Ronceria choreographing, the show mesmerized audiences with its exceptional performances and cultural significance.

Zemon’s passion for music also found expression in his collaboration as a co-producer and co-arranger on Tonemah’s nationally released album, “The Ghosts of St. Augustine,” in 1997. This album served as a platform for Zemon’s musical prowess, and its wide distribution opened doors for him, leading to his esteemed membership in The Recording Academy’s Producer & Engineers Wing. As a member, Zemon had the privilege of participating in the annual Grammy Awards voting process. “The Ghosts of St. Augustine” featured captivating performances by renowned artists such as Pura Fe (Shanachie Records), Robert Tree Cody (Canyon Records), Cary Morin, Willie French Lowery, Benito Concha, and Tony Redhouse, solidifying Zemon’s contributions to the music industry.

In addition to his accomplishments in theater and music, Zemon ventured into the world of co-writing and co-production with Alejandro Ronceria, culminating in the mesmerizing stage production “A Jaguar’s Tale.” This enchanting show took center stage in Cozumel, Mexico, in 2003, captivating audiences with its spellbinding storytelling and creative vision.

Zemon’s remarkable ability to assemble exceptional talent and bring forth unforgettable experiences has defined his reputation as a versatile and visionary producer.

In 2022, Zemon wrote his groundbreaking book, “Psychedelics for Everyone: A Beginner’s Guide to These Powerful Medicines for Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Expanding Consciousness.” This comprehensive work became an immediate Amazon bestseller in 19 categories and received numerous prestigious awards, including the Gold Award for Best Adult Nonfiction Book from the Independent Publisher Book Awards, the Silver Award from the Nonfiction Authors Association, and the Da Vinci Eye Award from the Eric Hoffer Book Awards. Zemon’s goal with this book is to fill a void in the current psychedelic literature by providing accessible and reliable information for the general public.

Building upon this success, Zemon released his second book, “Beyond the Trip: A Journal for Psychedelic Preparation and Integration,” in 2023. This new work offers readers valuable tools and exercises to enhance their psychedelic experiences.

Beyond his authorship, Matt Zemon is fully committed to being a vocal advocate for psychedelics and promoting responsible usage. He frequently appears on television, radio, and podcasts, sharing his knowledge and insights. Zemon actively participates in the Association of Entheogenic Practitioners, a religious professional organization and mutual aid society that unites practitioners from diverse traditions, all sharing a sincere belief in the religious nature of the entheogenic experience. Furthermore, he is a founding member of the Microdosing Collective, underscoring his dedication to expanding safe access to entheogenic experiences.

“Psychedelics for Everyone” covers an array of essential topics, including microdosing techniques, safety precautions, the historical context of psychedelic legality, the potential benefits of psychedelic therapy, the use of psychedelics in addiction treatment, legal pathways for psychedelic use, finding psychedelic retreats, and practical tips for preparation and integration. Zemon also delves into the role of psychedelics in religion, offering insights into their historical and cultural significance. Through his book, Zemon hopes to empower readers to make informed judgments on psychedelics, research, and policy. While acknowledging that psychedelics are not a panacea, Zemon firmly believes in their potential for healing and connection. “Psychedelics for Everyone” serves as a comprehensive handbook for anyone seeking factual and valuable information about different psychedelic substances. Zemon’s unwavering commitment to sharing his discoveries and supporting safe usage exemplifies his passion for enhancing mental well-being and transforming lives through the power of psychedelics.

Matt Zemon’s journey from entrepreneur to psychedelic advocate showcases the successful fusion of his entrepreneurial background with a dedication to advancing the understanding and responsible use of psychedelics. Through his book, public engagements, and involvement in various organizations, Zemon continues to inspire and enlighten readers, leaving an enduring impact on the realms of entrepreneurship, mental health, and psychedelic advocacy.

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