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Is Social Media Killing the Book Reading Culture? Not Really



Is Social Media Killing the Book Reading Culture

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Believe it or not, the world today is divided into two major groups: online and offline. While a majority of the world today is online and prefers to read information, news, emails and books on the internet many prefer to read newspapers and books. To some, reading books can be boring, but to some reading books offline is a pleasurable activity which improves brain connectivity, reduces stress, and lowers blood pressure, increases vocabulary and comprehension and much more.

Now, it is widely debated that social media is killing the book reading culture. However, many would argue that social media boosts reading interest. To a large extent, young students are embracing social media quickly which can distract them from reading books. Having said that, social media can become a platform where people can talk about the books they read and share their recommendations.

Let’s take a quick look at how social media can help boost the book reading culture.

Click, Upload and Share

The entire concept of being on social media is that you are instantly connected. This means that you are connected with your acquaintances, groups, colleagues, and friends. Many people today prefer to read books and share their recommendations online. This instant connectivity is a great tool for publicizing the books you read. All you need to do is click a picture of the book cover and upload it to your social media handle. Many celebrities are clicked with images of books in their hands and that becomes a great marketing tool to promote the book.

The World of Hashtags

Book readers often love to discuss the books they read and get different perspectives and insights about the characters and stories they read. However, things can be difficult when not many in your circle read the same books or read at all. With social media, you don’t have to go looking for people as you can add hashtags that can allow like-minded people to see social media posts related to their favorite books. This means that now you can see posts of other people reading the same book and comment on their posts and get comments on yours.

Sharing the Knowledge

Many book readers today are connected to social groups where they get education on the books they read or should read. There are hundreds and thousands of such groups where you can get education on what the book is about and you can learn more about the plot and characters which would help you understand the book in a better sense. You can also find forums that can help you share your knowledge and be enlightened by someone else’s.

Staying Updated and Aware

Considering that the world is connected online many book authors themselves prefer to update and announce book release information on social media. This is a great way to stay informed and aware of when the new book by your favorite author is releasing. Also, you can stay updated on any book events happening in your city or area which you can visit.

Feel Good and Positive

Reading books can provide you with many benefits physically and mentally. However, the realization that you are not alone empowers you to read more. The kind of information you share and the details you receive can compel you to read more and meet like-minded individuals online. This would help you to share knowledge, and insights and gain more on social media than you can gain in the real world through offline means.


Hence, the debate that social media is killing the book reading culture isn’t entirely true because there are many ways in which social media can help book enthusiasts to connect and read more.

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