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Online Therapy Help With Depression, Anxiety And Other Psychological Problems



online therapy

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Online therapy suits you well if you have a referral for basic mental healthcare for example for an anxiety disorder or depression. In online therapy, we use cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-oriented therapy, and schema therapy. GGZ treatment is always tailor-made: we look at what you need and which way of working suits you. The basis for online therapy are conversations with a psychologist via video calling. This way you can see and hear each other, just like with a face-to-face conversation.

You may wonder whether online therapy is equivalent to ‘normal’ conversations with a psychologist. We can say: online therapy is qualitatively and substantively just as good as ‘normal’ mental health care. Even if you are not face-to-face together, you still hear and see each other. Many clients like online therapy very much: you can get the same treatment but at the time or place of your preference.

Is online therapy suitable for everyone?

Online therapy is for you if you:

get along well with a computer, so you can make video calls;
have a good internet connection and a webcam;
want to follow the treatment at a time convenient to you.

Online Therapy For Young People

Do you also feel such a high threshold to go to a regular psychologist and do you miss out on psychological help with your complaints? Do not delay any longer and sign up. The barrier is largely removed because you have contact with a psychologist from your safe familiar environment. This will have a positive effect on the effectiveness of the psychological treatment for your complaints.

Are you looking for psychological help with one of the following complaints?

• Fears
• Aggression
• Autism
• Burnout
• Depression
• Eating disorders
• Anxiety
• Be Bullied
• Negative thoughts
• Uncertainty
• Exhaustion
• Panic attacks
• Problems with planning
• Relationship
• School Related issues
• Somatic complaints
• Sadness
• Addiction
• Low self-confidence

Online therapy for addiction

Change of behavior is central to the treatment of Sobriety Online. Our approach is aimed at reducing or controlling the use of the substance you use or the addiction behavior that you are dissatisfied with. Stopping this can of course also be a treatment goal. Furthermore, attention can also be paid to possible underlying psychological complaints. Sobriety Online is unique in this.

Many care providers often focus either on the psychological underlying problem or on substance use. Sobriety Online offers a special treatment by combining these two problem areas in one treatment. You can work on both problems in your familiar environment with your care provider at a time that you choose.

Why online therapy?

The conversations are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and motivational conversation techniques. This way of working appears to be most effective for addiction problems. The conversation treatment can be supplemented with specific treatment modules. In consultation with your psychologist, you can choose from a large number of modules.

You choose the module that best suits your problems. This can be a program aimed at your addiction problem, but also additional complaints. Think of depressive or anxiety complaints, worrying, sleeping problems, ADHD, etc. The combination of a conversation and a module means you do not have to wait until the next conversation takes place again, but you can always log in and get started with the online treatment sessions. who are ready for you. This is called blended treatment.

Affectivity therapy + coaching. It was precisely the combination of online video calls and working with online treatment modules that were unique at the time. In recent years it has become clear that this form of treatment has proven successful. Many hundreds of people have now been treated in this way.

Addiction problems are often accompanied by feelings of shame. For that reason, people often have difficulty getting treatment and reporting to an addiction treatment center. At Sobriety Online you don’t have to go anywhere and you come into contact with your care provider from your own home.

Work-related problems

Do you have trouble planning at work and do you experience tensions? Then the pleasure on the work floor can decrease considerably. Too much stress at work can even lead to burnout in the long run. Good planning is important, but it is not self-evident for everyone. It is something you can learn. Too much stress causes problems at work and in your private situation. How do you recognize the problems in time? Prevent problems by identifying and dealing with them at an early stage.

Is the workload too high?

If the working pressure is too high, this can cause permanent stresses at work. There may simply be too much work, but it may also be that certain character traits get in the way of the work situation.

For example, if you are a perfectionist and ‘set the bar high’, this can be to your disadvantage. For example, ‘not daring to say no’ can lead to others putting more and more chores on you. In the long run, you feel you do a hundred things a day, but at the end of the working week, your work is still not done. Therefore, you can have a sense of failure. If you already have low self-esteem, you may experience feelings of gloom and you may experience panic attacks during the work situation.

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Online Therapy Help With Depression

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