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Motivational Career Podcasts for 2021



Motivational Career Podcasts for 2021 new

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Regardless of whether you’re in the process of searching for a job, transitioning into a new career, or venturing out to start your own business, motivational career podcasts offer valuable listeners invaluable professional insights that will allow you to take control of your career path. One of the most significant benefits of podcasts is their easy accessibility, since you’re able to listen on your way to work or on the treadmill after you get off and head to the gym.

Career Podcasts for Millennials

If you’re just graduating from college or a trade school, entering the workforce and starting your career can be overwhelming. Here are some helpful career podcasts for millennials that will provide some guidance when navigating the new realities of adulthood.

1. My Millenial Career

Hosted by Emily Bowen and Shelley Johnson, My Millenial Career is a podcast exploring the world of working life. Covering everything from toxic work cultures and negotiating higher pay, to navigating the interview process and securing a job post graduation. For those young professionals trying to navigate the professional world, this podcast would be great for you.

Recommended Episode: The Secret to a Winning Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

2. Advice To My Younger Me

Created by Sara Holtz, Advice To My Younger Me was created to offer guidance to younger women and working professionals alike. With the goal of getting their listeners to reach their highest potential, each episode hosts a discussion on career-related topics, such as networking while being in a remote setting or handling a job loss.

Recommended Episode: Becoming the Boss of Your Career

3. The Tim Ferriss Show

Being one of the first podcasts to exceed 100 million downloads, The Tim Ferriss Show is unquestionably one of the most popular career and personal development podcasts today. Time often shares valuable career and life advice for professionals seeking personal growth. For example, he’s hosted discussions on how to cultivate success habits and how to design a better life for yourself.

Recommended Episode: Tony Robbins on Morning Routine, Peak Performance, and Mastering Money

4. Millennial Minded

Duncan Lowe and David Blackburn host Millennial Minded to provide their listeners with all the tools they need to be successful in navigating the real world post college. Every week, Duncan and David sit down with Millennial Minded CEO, Lee Caraher, to discuss career topics most students don’t learn before they graduate, like how to land your first full-time position.

Recommended Episode: If You’re Interested in Getting the Most Out of Your Job…

Motivational Career Change Podcasts

On the hunt for a new career, or just open to exploring new opportunities if presented? Here are some career change podcasts that will inspire you to find you new path in life:

5. Job Search Boot Camp

Job Search Boot Camp is a podcast hosted by Angela Loeb and Jay Markunas where they talk about career-centered topics, such as the interview process, breathing resumes, negotiating salary, and much more. You’ll find insightful information and insider tips on how to get through the job search process more successfully

6. Career Relaunch

Career Relaunch is a podcast dedicated to preparing listeners for the ups and downs of the job transition process hosted by Joseph Liu. Liu has made it through several occupational changes throughout his life and can offer tons of experience to those who have or will enter a new chapter of their professional lives.

Recommended Episode: Handling Setbacks with Aaron Leventhal

7. Happen To Your Career

Happen To Your Career is a motivational podcast dedicated to helping you find meaningful and fulfilling career opportunities. The overall goal is to help listeners learn the misconceptions about having a career.

Recommended Episode: Figuring Out Your Perfect Career Match

8. The Meaning Movement

The Meaning Movement is a podcast hosted by Dan Cumerbland dedicated to helping listeners find their passions and careers that excite and motivate them. Their experiences will inspire you to get outside of your comfort zone to explore professional avenues you never thought of before.

Recommended Episode: Let Your Intuition Guide You with Rick Snyder

Motivational Career Podcasts for 2021

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