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Live a Purposeful Life Even When You Don’t Know Where to Begin. Self-Empowerment Coach Kathryne Mejias Shares How.



Live a Purposeful Life Even When You Don’t Know Kathryne Mejias

Embarking on a journey to live a purposeful life can feel like stepping into the unknown, but fear not—self-empowerment coach Kathryne Mejias is here to be your guide. With a track record of empowering myriad individuals, especially women, to ignite their paths to purpose, Kathryne is a seasoned expert in navigating life’s twists and turns. Kathryne Mejias, creator of Born for More, generously shares her insights with us. Whether you’re seeking clarity on your life’s purpose, figuring out how to turn passion into a paycheck, or mustering the courage to step out of your comfort zone, Kathryne’s down-to-earth wisdom is your compass for the transformative journey ahead. So, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to living a purposeful life, even when the starting point seems elusive.

What steps should people take in order to find their passion and purpose in life?

Discovering your purpose is like embarking on a personal adventure, and it’s totally okay not to have it all figured out. Start by chilling out in a comfy spot and reflecting on what really lights you up—those values, passions, and activities that make you feel alive and engaged. Don’t stress about it; just let your mind wander a bit.

Take a moment to appreciate your own superhero skills. What are you naturally awesome at? Identifying these strengths is like finding your secret weapons for navigating this crazy journey we call life. Now, let’s talk goals—set some. Doesn’t matter if they’re big dreams or tiny wins, just break them down into bite-sized pieces. It’s like creating your own treasure map.

Feeling a bit stuck? Shake things up! Try out new stuff, explore uncharted territory, and see what clicks. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so dive into books, watch documentaries, or chat with folks who’ve rocked their own journeys. And hey, giving back feels pretty amazing. Volunteer somewhere that tugs at your heartstrings; it’s like hitting the refresh button on your perspective.

Keep the learning vibes going by leveling up your skills or diving into something new. Network with cool people who’ve been around the block; mentors are like the experienced guides who hand you the map to their favorite trails. Embrace change—life’s a rollercoaster, and it’s cool to just go with the flow.

If things get a bit overwhelming, it’s all good. Talk to someone—a coach, a friend, or even a pet rock if that helps. Mindfulness is like your chill pill; try meditation to tune into your thoughts and feelings without stressing too much. Remember, this whole purpose thing is a journey, not a sprint. Evaluate your progress, tweak the plan, and cut yourself some slack. Life’s messy, but it’s also a grand adventure waiting to unfold. You got this!

What if someone finds out what they’re passionate about only to realize they don’t know how to make a living off of it?

First off, give yourself a high-five for uncovering that passion; that’s gold right there. Now, let’s brainstorm some creative moves. Consider turning your passion into a side hustle while keeping the day job. Test the waters, see if there’s a market for what you love. Connect with people who’ve paved their own way in similar passions; they might drop some wisdom bombs. Don’t shy away from learning the ropes of the business side—it’s like the secret sauce to turning passion into a paycheck. Keep the faith, stay curious, and remember, many successful journeys started with a leap of passion.

What are some tips you would give someone who wants to get out of their comfort zone?

Getting out of your comfort zone is like flexing a new muscle—it might feel awkward at first, but trust me, it’s where the magic happens. Start small, maybe by trying a new hobby or taking a different route to work. Embrace the awkwardness; it’s the sign that you’re onto something cool. Shake up your routine; routine’s great, but it can be a sneaky comfort trap. Spice things up; try a funky dance class or sign up for that weird-sounding workshop.

Now, let’s talk about facing those fears. What scares you a little (or a lot)? Take it on. It’s like staring down a dragon; once you conquer it, you’ll feel invincible. Surround yourself with a crew of adventure buddies—those friends who cheer you on and nudge you out of your comfort nest. Celebrate the wins, no matter how tiny. Each step outside that comfort zone is a victory worth doing a happy dance for. Remember, life’s a grand adventure, and the real good stuff lies just beyond that comfort bubble. So, take a deep breath, put on your explorer hat, and dive into the unknown. You got this, future trailblazer!

Need more guidance with self-discovery? Kathryn Mejias is your guide to authentic empowerment. Through Born For More events, she fosters a community of fearless women, sharing success stories and empowerment. Her self-published book, “Born For More,” offers insights and poetry to propel women past self-doubt. Kathryn’s “All Access” online program and 1:1 sessions, spanning 17 weeks, ignite personal transformation. Ideal for those seeking clarity, confidence, and connection, Kathryn’s offerings empower women to unlock their potential.

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