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5 Common Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid While Designing an Education Logo



Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid While Designing an Education Logo

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For many years the educational institutions have overlooked the real value of branding. The result was they were missing out on many opportunities to stand out for recruiting qualified educators and increasing the student enrollment count. The schools have also embraced branding on understanding the ability to affect external perspectives.

Nowadays, they are heavily funding the branding processes and are creating a brand for evoking the positivity around and assuring teachers and parents land at the place they have expected. In case you are working on any school’s brand, an essential element that you shouldn’t neglect is the logo design.

1. Education logo Importance

The logo is essential for the branding efforts as it allows you to build the brand’s identity complementing the marketing campaigns. You can take the example of the University of Miami’s logo, which is praised a lot and never fails to inspire newbies with its effectiveness.

Their logo design split-U was launched in 1973 and reminds the educators, parents, and students that this is their university to learn and prosper. The logo design has also inspired many other institutions to look at their motto before they start designing the logo for their education institute.

2. Strategic colors

A logo’s success always depends upon the purposeful usage of colors. Here one of the most extraordinary powers of colors is that they can instigate emotions and feelings. Whenever we see any color, we feel charged up with our emotions. For instance, when we look at the color red, we can feel emotions like love, energy, passion, and aggressiveness. Also, watching yellow color, we can find ourselves filled with positivity and hope for life because it’s a sunshine color.

3. Poor Font choice

For creating a successful logo, knowing about the right font can break or make the design. Hovering over the top with the logo font will surely make your logo look unprofessional and silly.

Moreover, it’s not quite uncommon for your logo to fail just because of the poor choice of fonts. To know about the perfect font for your education institute, you can reach out to any professional education logo maker to guide you.

Every company has its unique set of personalities, and so do the fonts. For instance, having a bold font for your logo will give a different vibe and represent different attributes of your business.

As a creator, you need to spend some time researching the fonts matching up with your company’s style. Never be afraid to try or modify the logo until it matches your requirements.

4. Don’t underestimate the design grid

The design grids are of importance in many ways for a logo designer. Its crucial element is the grid, as it can help keep every design element in exact proportion as required. The design grid allows the education logo to imbibe the institution’s aesthetic design and appear symmetrical, which is quite appealing.

Also, when the logo is reduced or even scaled up, it will never lose the sense of proportion as it was designed with the grid. Please make use of grids; you can also find them online and pick the one that can be handled easily.

5. Originality and Simplicity

Before working on your logo, think about the logos you have seen until now. Study their image and their reflection in detail. You will find most of them to be quite simple. Have a look that the creators do not create them to blow the mind of the audience rather keep their aesthetics to be simple.

Do know that successful logon always combines originality and simplicity. Never forget that when creating a logo for the audience, you should know how to make them understandable at first glance.

In case you have an intricate logo, the chances are high that many fonts and colors will distract your viewers. It is because the design needs an explanation. It is easy to create everything crystal clear at once so that people should understand your message instantly.

The above-listed tips will give you the ground to start working on your logo and should avoid the ones that can undermine your institution’s reputation as once created, the logo goes for a long term. Ensure that you have the best inspiring logo for your education institution.

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