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Learn-at-Home Activities for Maths for Year 1 Children



Learn-at-Home Activities for Maths for Year 1 Children

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Maths is never a boring subject because you can use several activities both at home and in school to make it interesting for all kids including year 1 children. Parents and guardians can work with teachers and tutors to know the best activities to incorporate at home to help kids learn and comprehend maths more fully.

If you are looking for home activities for learning maths for year 1 children, you are in the right place. The good thing is that there are numerous resources available on the web to help children learn maths and other subjects at home. Here is a list of the best activities for year 1 children to learn mathematics at home.

Maths Games

We all know that young children easily learn games and find them fun. They engage their attention fully, which gives them an opportunity to learn a lot of things. Maths games are approved by learning organisations; hence, they are used both in schools and at home.

There are many mathematics games for year 1 children. Some of the simplest, most fun, and most helpful games include the count down, salute, multiplication bingo, and others. Although you can use physical cards to make the games more practical, there are online versions of the same, and you can play on your phone, PC, or home TV.

Completing Maths Worksheets

As mentioned, most of the learning materials are online nowadays. Online learning resource providers such as Cazoom Maths offer mathematics worksheets for all grades, and all you need is to try the year 1 materials that suit your child.

Some are downloadable and printable while others can be filled out online. These worksheets are designed to engage children and help them learn mathematics in a fun way they will not forget.

Sorting and Counting Candies

Children love candies, and there is no doubt about it. Your year 1 child can do more with candies than eating them. Since candies come in different colours, you can introduce the activity of sorting them out and counting them.

You can even make the activity fun by rewarding the child with a few candies and letting them note the remaining candies. Actually, this activity will help them learn more about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Making Numbers with Play Dough

Play dough is part of young children’s activities from the time they know how to play. Once they are in year 1 of their school, they can start making numbers with the play dough. When they are done, you can also introduce addition, subtraction, division and multiplication activities with the same dough.

The child will need a table, desk, or board to model, roll, and carry out other activities with the dough. Bear in mind that play dough of different colours will be more effective, especially when adding and subtracting.

Creating Simple Graphs

Graphs are amazing when year 1 children are learning how to sort and categorise items. For this activity, you will need blank graph cards or books and a variety of items in the same category. For instance, different fruits, candies, and others.

Apart from sorting the items, the year 1 child will also name the items on the horizontal line and make note of the numbers on the vertical line.


All these are activities that will help your year 1 child learn mathematics at home in an amazing way. The good thing is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on this. So, ensure they are incorporated into their lives whether they are on school break or not.

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