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Why Do Kids Struggle To Learn Math?



Why Do Kids Struggle To Learn Math

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Every child is different, and some kids have an easier time in the classroom than others. Furthermore, there are some kids who do better with certain topics than others. For example, you may find that your child is doing well in other areas, but math appears to be a major issue. That is where i-Ready math and reading can be helpful. Lots of parents and teachers have even asked questions about, who invented i-Ready? The reality is that there are a number of reasons why kids may have issues with math problems. What are some of the potential reasons why your child might be struggling with math?

1. Math Builds on Earlier Concepts

One of the most common reasons why children have a hard time learning math is that it builds on previous concepts. What this means is that you will not be able to grasp the lesson today if you did not understand the lesson yesterday. As a result, if kids fall behind in the classroom, they will have a difficult time catching up with later math concepts. That is why you need to be diligent when it comes to learning math. Make sure you let your child know that there is nothing wrong with asking for help with math problems. It is better to address these issues now than to try to catch up down the road. If you wait too long, you will fall even further behind.

2. The Learn and Purge

Another reason why children have a difficult time learning math is that they often do something called learning and purging. Essentially, kids will try to memorize everything they need to know for the upcoming test. Then, as soon as the test is done, they will go ahead and forget everything. Even though children are always going to focus on the next task, it is important for kids to understand that they need to remember what they have learned because they will need it later. If you can successfully address the problem of learning and purging, you can prevent your child from falling behind down the road.

3. Problems With Attention

There are also situations where kids have issues with math because they have a difficult time paying attention. If there is a math lesson happening, kids cannot look away for a few minutes and come back later. Because math builds on itself, they are simply going to have a hard time figuring out where they left off. It is important to understand that your child may have an attention issue that has to be addressed. Discipline is only going to go so far if your child has ADHD. That is why you need to reach out to a medical professional if you think your child has severe issues with attention. It is also possible that your child may simply have vision problems and require glasses.

4. A Lack of Application

Finally, kids have a hard time learning math because they often feel like they are never going to use it. If you can show your child where math is going to come into play down the road, he or she may work harder in the classroom. For example, when you take your child shopping with you, you may want to ask your child to calculate discounts on certain items. This could make it easier for your child to see where this type of math is going to be helpful. You may also want to look up some videos that explain why math is so important, not only in the classroom but also in the real world.

Help Kids Learn How To Do Math

Mathematics is incredibly important, and it is critical for you to make sure that your child has all the tools necessary to succeed. With a bit more practice, you may find that your child does better with math. However, remember that this is not necessarily something that you have to tackle on your own. You may want to reach out to an expert who can provide you with some advice on what to do next. It is also critical for you to have an academic plan that has been customized to meet the needs of your child.

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