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5 Ways to Make Your Kid a Mathematics Genius



5 Ways to Make Your Kid a Mathematics Genius

Everyone wants a kid who is so good at math that could be called a genius. But not everyone knows how to make that wish come true. Some kids are born with minds that capture and retain math concepts easily, while others find that connection later or never.

It does not matter what category your kid falls in; you can make them math geniuses. Making your child a math genius is not a long, complicated process; it is simply down to training. Here are some steps to help your child reach the heights you know they can.

1. Hire an online tutor

Math lessons your child gets in the class will hardly make them a math genius. One thing that is sometimes lacking in a classroom with an average of 20 students is interactive math lessons. When your child cannot have an interactive class, they are stuck with whatever knowledge they were able to grab, and without additional classes, they may never get better at math.

Some online math classes promise one-on-one tutoring where students learn from a professional. During lessons, a tutor can find the areas where your child is having challenges and help them improve. Don’t rely on a school teacher to help your child become a math genius — sign them up for online math classes.

These classes will also make your child more potent in areas where they are already stable. An experienced tutor may fix each issue your child has with math one by one. Online tutors are not super expensive and are available on math learning platforms that are everywhere.

2. Instill a can-do attitude in a kid

Geniuses do unique things because they believe they can do them, which is the basis for success. If you notice that your child is always shying away from doing math-related tasks and saying ‘I cannot do it,’ you have your work cut out for you. You see, a negative thought manifests itself physically and creates limitations that should not even exist in the first place.

Your child can solve every math problem, but they need to hear that to gain confidence. The fear of the unknown is often the reason why kids believe math is complex. Your job as a parent is to change this narrative by first finding out the reasons for lack of self-confidence.

Once you have pinpointed the problem, remind a child of their strengths using positive affirmations and ensure they keep their chin up. If you leave this aspect unchecked, kids’ confidence may dip, especially in a crowded classroom where most students cannot tell their teacher how they feel. So, please remember to communicate with your child and make them believe in their intelligence.

3. Use math in your day-to-day activities

The primary reason we need math courses when we are young and as we grow older is because math is everywhere in the world. There is no aspect of life that does not require the use of math. Getting to the genus part of the discussion will be easy if kids can replicate math knowledge in doing small daily things.

You face math when leaving the house, and the math concept you use is called time. When making breakfast, you need to know how many cups or tablespoons of ingredients you need, and this math concept is called measurement.

The use of math in daily activities is a way of life, so it goes unnoticed. But for the children’s sake, you must skillfully turn every moment into a math lesson. Instead of just checking the time yourself, ask a kid to check it or measure the baking powder, then correct them if they get it wrong.

4. Use math apps and websites to teach a child

Math websites and platforms are perfect tools for helping a child become a math genius. Online math for kids is a great approach to ensure children recall and apply the concepts their teachers teach at school. With math apps and websites, kids can now learn much more than they would have in school.

The best part about math apps and websites is that they are loaded with games and fun videos, which could make learning math for kids more enjoyable. The more interested kids are in learning math due to games and videos, the better they will become at the subject.

Every genius practices critical thinking. So, if you want your child to become a critical thinker, use math apps and websites. Also, there are math games like puzzles, LEGO, and speed math which not only improve your child’s math knowledge but also encourage critical thinking.

5. Engage in math activities together with a child

Sometimes, parents are too busy to engage in activities with their kids. But if you want your child to become a math genius, you must dig in and join them in math activities. Besides the bonding part of such activities, parents also help their kids succeed in math if they actively participate in the learning process.

Before you start helping your kids, you will need to learn mathematics for kids or remember what you know. Don’t assume that the methods and math rules you learned decades ago still hold today. And even if they do, your child may prefer learning through different means than the ones you know.

New common core principles help your child find innovative ways to solve complex math problems focusing more on their thought process than the final result. While a kid learns math for kids online, you, as the parent, must brush up your math skills to be able to practice together.


Reaching the goal of becoming a math genius is up to a child, teacher, and parent. So, whichever side you are on, ensure you are playing your part and your child is getting the best. The ways we have mentioned above will make your journey to making your child a math genius easier. Good luck!

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