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Holiday Shopping and The Most Universally Enjoyed Gifts



Holiday Shopping and The Most Universally Enjoyed Gifts

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What do you get the person who has it all? According to a new survey conducted by OnePoll, it’s best to keep things simple. Big-ticket items are not all the rage.

Of 2,000 Americans, a third of respondents begin holiday shopping before August to get a head start. Interestingly enough, 36% of people will do all their holiday shopping online or in-person, but only from one business.


One in every twenty people believes they are tough to shop for. Two-thirds of these people who are impossible to shop for say this is due to pickiness. Nearly half of people (47%) believe they have everything they could ever desire, while 45% say they have no idea what to ask for.

Meanwhile, three out of every four people believe they are pretty easy to purchase for around the holidays. They say they’re easy to shop for because they think their secret is simply being “easy to shop for.” Not an exact science, but it probably boils down to 68% of respondents saying the thought behind the gift is more important than the gift itself.

Furthermore, two-thirds of Americans say they will feel bad if someone buys them an expensive holiday gift. Holiday spending guilt sets in after an average of $264 has been spent. In any case, respondents believe that chocolate, gift baskets for Christmas, and gift cards are the most universally appreciated gifts. But, of course, whether they’re vegan chocolates, milk chocolates, dark chocolates, or specialty is a whole other question. It’s doubtful the recipient will even know the difference between the vegan chocolates and their counterparts.


The study also found that this holiday season’s most useful gift is a wish list. Seven out of ten individuals say they ask others to offer them a wish list of holiday gifts, while 62% say they reciprocate by giving others their wish list. In addition, 49% of self-identified impossible giftees prefer to give someone a wish list of exactly what they desire. Utilizing a site like MyRegistry is helpful in putting together a personalized holiday wish list.

According to the report, 63% of Americans have gotten a duplicate gift during the holidays in the past. 52% of people said they regift it, while another 52% said they utilize it anyway, and 41% said they donate it. If it’s an item they don’t like or already have, 92% of re-gifters have no qualms about doing so.

With all of that knowledge, Christmas gift baskets that include chocolate along with a gift card or two seem like a safe bet for the two-thirds of Americans shopping for the finicky individuals in their lives.

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