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Five Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Important On Social Media In 2021



Five Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Important On Social Media In 2021

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Video marketing has become a necessity these days. Regardless of the size of the company, this form of marketing can assist your business in thriving despite the trying times these are.

Still skeptical? Go through video marketing statistics, and they will tell you the importance of videos in this modern business environment. More and more businesses are embracing the power of video marketing and taking its full advantage.

In 2020, approximately 86% of the brands had used video marketing, a whopping increase from the 41% rate in 2016. Are you still dubious about whether or not to use videos as a marketing tool? Then know these five reasons that speak of the significance of video marketing on social media.

1. Video Marketing Brings in Good Returns on Investment

Of course, videos bring in good returns on investment for businesses, but some factors really matter. Both an individual on a social media platform and even businesses need to organize their video content well.

Most importantly, businesses should have a proper video content strategy, and they must even take care of the quality of their videos. Once these small but important factors are taken into account and done away with, nothing can stop businesses from making their presence felt on social media.

So, now, the ones who view video can be a time-consuming and expensive option to create brand awareness on social media and know that you are wrong. There’s a technology that can be used for creating top-quality videos instantly and that too without putting in a lot of money.

There are not just top-quality video recorders coming to the rescue of the social media enthusiasts but even a good online video editor tool can work wonders. These tools make it easy for the users to create engaging and stunning explainer videos within an affordable range.

And yes, spending less when making a video means it will be easier for you to get positive returns on investment.

2. Video Marketing Offers the Chance of Telling a Story

Whether you are a brand or an individual looking to make your presence felt on social media channels, it hardly matters when reaping the benefits of video marketing. There are reasons why more and more businesses and individuals are turning to this form of marketing on their social handles.

Before even throwing in the bonus of selling a certain product, brands can use video marketing to tell a compelling story to their prospects. In the same way, if individuals try to frame communication on social media in the form of stories, it will help them build an emotional connection.

This can have dramatic outcomes that show in the consumer retention rate for businesses. Communicating with storytelling videos, brands and individuals can deliver their messages with informative and entertaining content.

This makes it quite likely that the customers will give up their precious time watching the video content posted on the different social media channels.

3. Grabs Attention

Video marketing is one of the most fantastic tools for hooking the audience on different social media platforms. Quite dissimilar to written content, videos can be consumed very easily.

Why not consider that we all keep scrolling down our social media feeds until we get on something that catches our attention. And we generally stop on videos. That’s because they are concise and perfect at capturing the viewers’ interest within the first few seconds.

Your success on social media will, to an extent, depend on your potential of condensing the information into an easily digestible layout long enough to keep the attention of the viewers intact.

So, it works to place clean indicators of the video objective right in the beginning so users will not scroll away. In keeping with the trends, videos do not just catch attention but even help brands reach new audiences.

The digital natives of recent times are consuming information through social media channels. For these natives, video content remains superior. This comes as an opportunity for the brands to capture the interests of new audiences or audiences they found difficult to reach.

Why Video Marketing Is Important On Social Media In 2021

Image by Hatice EROL from Pixabay

4. Videos Build Trust

Relationships and trust form the basis of marketing, be it in any form. Building a strong foundation with the customers means you can easily depend on them for spreading the word about your products and service. This is done very well through video marketing.

Videos are better at evoking varied emotions and engaging the users when compared to image stills or text. They allow the users to narrate stories and get the viewers excited about their brands.

In this context, it is important to note that YouTube can be instrumental in bringing recognition to a brand. The promotional videos posted on this platform help in fostering trust among the viewers, and that too quite fast.

Having an effective and efficient video marketing plan means you will be able to highlight your services in a conversational tone instead of being pushy. Since the internet is jam-packed with advertisements, the users here hardly believe in their promises.

But this is not the case when video marketing campaigns are run most engagingly. They show the people that a certain brand can actually be trusted.

5. Exclusive Messaging

Businesses and individuals dying for exclusiveness can always indulge in video marketing to stand out from the crowd on different social media platforms. Videos have strong CTAs, and they even tell a story.

So, they remain in the minds of the viewers and even leave them wanting more. Also, large videos can easily be re-purposed to focus on exclusive messaging. This, if done efficiently, can last as an asset for several months.


Remember, your videos on social media platforms should be engaging and quirky, and only then will the users be sharing them with others. Entertaining brand videos get more shares, and this, in turn, brings in more traffic to a site.

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