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7 Unique Ways to Use Consumer Testimonials in your Emails



7 Unique Ways to Use Consumer Testimonials in your Emails

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Everyone likes to hear that someone else has enjoyed something that they are considering buying or trying, it is simply just human nature. Crowd tested, crowd approved, at the end of the day; is going to gain a higher percentage of increase in consumer buy in than any discount ever could. Consumers are naturally going to trust a product that they feel has benefited people like them before. So, here are seven easy ways to incorporate consumer testimonials in your emails to customers. It is important to use these in ways that feel natural, so the customer does not think you are simply throwing meaningless data at them to entice them towards your product. Here are our top seven tips:

Tip #1: Make Sure the Testimonials are Short and Sweet

The best way to utilise testimonials is in a short and impactful way. Not even the most invested customer is going to sit at read through a two-page essay on how a product changed a previous customer’s life. All you need is a short and simple but honest endorsement of what you are advertising, and simply leave it at that. This will be the best way to grab a customer’s attention, but not force them into reading a novel while they’re at it.

Tip #2: Try and Use Consumer-Generated Content

Hannah Marin, a lifestyle writer at Essay Roo and Revieweal, commented, “Consumer created content has been a revelation to businesses over the period of growth that the digital market has experienced.” As its name suggests, consumer created content is made by people who use the product or service (which generates the trust and crowd love of an endorsement or testimonial), with barely any manpower or time on the business’ behalf. It is one of the easiest ways to utilise consumer testimonials without having to put in too much effort during the process.

Tip #3: Try out Video Testimonials

Video is a great way of communicating customer testimonials simply because people can see first-hand that the endorsement that they are being provided with is true. A part of a consumer will always be slightly unsure if they are just reading a quote or word-driven endorsement. But with a video testimonial, a potential client will get to see someone else speak about your company, and will begin to trust you and your business more.

Tip #4: Share Success Stories & Case Studies

Who hasn’t been convinced by a success story? Success is intoxicating, and it is very easy to believe that the same success will be passed onto you if you do something similar to the person in the story (for example, use a similar product or service to them). Case studies show real and honest success and also commitment from the company to reveal them by performing a case study.

Tip #5: Apply Testimonials to Help You Achieve Goals

Aria Montgomery, a food blogger at Boomessays and Academized, noted, “Testimonials are great, but if they do not apply to the goal of the email, they will be useless.” If your email is supposed to convince potential customers of the product’s stability, but the testimonial is referencing the way that it is sustainably built; the end goal will not be achieved. Although testimonials will never be a bad thing, they may be useless or pointless if not used in the right way.

Tip #6: Personalise, Personalise, Personalise!

The average person almost expects everything to be personalised to them now. In this day and age, there is almost nothing that can’t be personalised or monogrammed to suit your wants or needs as a person. If an email isn’t personalised or tailored to the consumer at all, they will disregard it as spam and think that the company doesn’t care enough to tailor their marketing to them specifically.

Tip #7: Utilise Social Proof

Social proof is never going to be a bad idea. Share data with your customers, how many five star reviews you have, for example. If you tell your customer that a certain amount of people have purchased your product, they will be more likely to go with the crowd and purchase it too. Social proof is a powerful tool.

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