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Different Types of Martial Arts



Different Types of Martial Arts

Photo by Gleb Krasnoborov from Pexels

People have been practicing martial arts for a while since they originated. Some martial arts were invented in earlier centuries, while others have grown later as the years passed. The main goal of martial arts is not only to learn self-defense tips, but also to improve and boost your inner peace. Martial arts also improve your overall health by ensuring you are fit, and as a beginner, you may be confused about what type of martial arts to choose. Selecting the right one that aligns with your goals and personality can be challenging, but with the guide below on different types of martial arts, it can be easy.


It’s considered a martial art that depends on balance, leverage, and coordination for you to take down an opponent and be a winner. Once you know how to wrestle, no obstacle in life can block your way because you will be equipped with skills that can help you get through life. You can search for San Diego wrestling gyms near me if you want to learn the meaning of accountability, humility, and develop endurance. Wrestling is an easy way to boost mental toughness and gain strength, which can be applied to life skills.


This is the most systematic type of martial art that was invented in Korea. Taekwondo began in the 1940s when it introduced various techniques and styles to combat your opponent. These martial arts have unique types, like relaxation skills and cardio exercises, and due to their nature, some schools teach kids, making it less threatening. It’s an Olympic sport since it has the most followers worldwide and its attacks involve kicks, throws, and punches.

Kung Fu

This Chinese martial art was explicitly invented to purify your body and mind. It was established in the Shaolin Temple, where monks trained it for enlightening, self-defense, and health purposes. Kung Fu has different styles, including Shaolin and Tai Chi. All types apply other techniques but stick to the same principle. In this martial art, speed and power are required to defeat your competitors. Kung Fu also allows the practitioners to learn various weapon skills, like using swords, spears, and staffs.

Muay Thai

This type of martial art is based on strikes that use feet, elbows, shins, and hands. It is also known as Thai boxing, and it began its journey thousands of years ago. People in Thailand practiced it to protect themselves from the invaders. It is known as the art of eight limbs since it helps you throw hard strikes using your elbows, knees, legs, and hands. Apart from striking, other techniques are involved, like clinching and kicking. Once you learn how to throw kicks effectively, you can move to spar. Sparring can be challenging for your shoulders and hips, but clinching is the most savage test of your core endurance.

All martial arts types are highly effective in your life, so ensure you choose the best one that you can learn quickly. You can learn the martial arts alone, but getting a professional trainer can be the best move. This is because they have a vast knowledge of techniques required compared to the basic styles almost everyone knows. It’s also a good idea to try all the arts to catch a glimpse of what you will be signing in for. Most martial arts allow people to go watch, so why should you not visit a martial arts gym in your region and watch for free?

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