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9 Tips On How To Maintain Better Mental Health



9 Tips On How To Maintain Better Mental Health

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Wondering how you can maintain better mental health? Here are 9 tips that both professionals at the Clarity Clinic and young people have verified can help you stay in great shape mentally…

1. Eat Quality Meals Regularly

Changes in the levels of blood sugar in the human body have been shown to have an impact on mood and energy. You can ensure that you maintain normal blood sugar levels by eating regularly. If you do not eat regularly, you are likely to feel tired, have poor concentration as well as become irritable and anxious. If you are looking to maintain great mental health, you should ensure that you consume breakfast, eat every 3-4 hours, consume a lot of vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water and avoid consuming junk foods.

2. Take Part in Physical Activities

When you exercise, the body usually releases endorphins which can help improve your mood. When you are in a low or foul mood, you can easily stop carrying out activities that can keep you in a better mood even without knowing it. Even if you are in the mood to exercise, ensure that you take part in physical activities or stay active as it can quickly help boost your mood.

3. Avoid Excessive Consumption of Alcohol

Research suggests that alcohol can lead to heightened levels of anxiety and depression as well as make you feel out of control. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol also increases the chances that you will take part in risky actions. If you are going to consume alcohol, ensure that you drink sensibly and only consume amounts that you can handle. Ideally, you should avoid bowing to peer pressure and only consume sensible amounts of alcoholic beverages on your own volition.

4. Always Express Your Feelings

Different people have different ways of making themselves heard. There are those that like to read to learn more about the world or escape their realities, others like to express themselves through music or art while other people like to make their feelings known through making conversation. No matter your preferred form of expression, you should ensure that you make yourself heard. Expressing your feelings can help you feel more connected to the world and other people and also help you in discovering yourself.

5. Find Ways to Distract Yourself

If you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut, find ways to distract yourself from your current predicament momentarily. You will find out that once you return to your original problem later, you may find that it is more manageable than you thought. Finding ways to distract yourself can be a great way to stop overthinking things.

6. Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help

When a friend who is in need asks for your assistance or advice on how to resolve the issues that they are facing, you are likely to feel proud and valued that they have chosen to confide their problems in you. When you are anxious or in a low mood, you may have a diminished sense of self-worth which may make it hard for you to source for assistance from people that you trust. You can however overcome these feelings by approaching people in your close circle that you trust for assistance. You may be surprised with how quickly your spirits soar after confiding in people that you trust just as you would feel if a close friend in a similar situation approached you for help.

7. Set Aside Time for Relaxation

Different people have different ways of unwinding when they are stressed. Ideally, you should identify activities that help you relax when you are in a bad mood or feeling anxious. For example, you can try taking a long hot bath, listening to music, watching a movie or taking part in the hobbies you enjoy. Simply put, you should identify the activities which help you remain serene and relax when you are feeling wound out and ensure that you routinely undertake these activities.

8. Try Doing Things You Enjoy

We all created uniquely meaning that we enjoy different things in life. If you have not yet identified the activities that make you tick, consider trying different things out. Taking part in the activities that you enjoy can easily help you feel more joyful as well as help you remain connected to the positive aspects of your life.

9. Remember Your Highlights

Though life is not a bed of roses, we all have some great points in our lives. When you are feeling particularly low, it is easy to think that other people have a better life than yours. However, remember that each person has their perfection and imperfections. Whenever you are in a low mood, remind yourself of the things that you excel at. This can help you appreciate yourself more. Most importantly, remember that it is okay to be perfectly imperfect.

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