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9 Mistakes That Prevent You From Getting Toned Arms



9 Mistakes That Prevent You From Getting Toned Arms

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Many people aspire to have a toned arm. And in a bid to achieve this goal, many hit the gym only to fall short of their expectations because of simple mistakes.

So, if you are a gym-goer with the goal of toned, lean arms, here are nine mistakes that might be preventing you from reaching your goal.

With each mistake, we’ve highlighted a solution to help you make the most of arm toning exercises.

1. Focusing on One Muscle

The arm has two main muscles: the biceps and the triceps. Thus, exercises aimed at toning the arms should focus on both muscles. However, the common mistake that most people make is focusing on exercises that work one muscle.

Over time, this causes imbalance preventing you from achieving your fitness goal. The way forward is seeking the guidance of a personal trainer to have a training program that targets all the arm muscles.

2. Training the Arm Too much

When overtaken by the desire to have toned arms, you might decide to go hard and workout every day. This is a great move. However, because your arms are small compared to the rest of the body, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice.

Daily workouts might overload your arm, leading to tissue tears and slow recovery. Plus, you might find it difficult to perform an upper body workout effectively if your arms are tired. Hence, it’s important to take breaks to allow your muscles arm recovery time.

You should do an arm workout twice a week. Remember to supplement the exercise with lower-body training for a balanced workout session.

3. Wrong Form and Posture

In any exercise, the wrong form is a cardinal sin that leads most people to visit the gym religiously without tangible results. When it comes to arm toning, there’s no exception. The common mistake is hunching instead of a straight posture and open chest.

Hunching leads to a poor posture when performing arm exercises and even causes injury. Always ensure your spine is straight and your chest up. A certified fitness trainer with a background study nsca can help you practice the right form and posture.

4. Same Exercise Routine

A workout regimen is a great way to stay focused and get the most out of a workout session. However, sticking to the same program over a long time repeatedly might lead to a plateau.

You’ll seize to see any results because the exercises keep getting easier as your body gets used to them. Once the body has adapted, there is no effect, no matter how much you exercise. So, mix up your exercises and keep your body guessing. With every new workout, your arm’s muscles experience a new challenge.

5. Failure to Rest

Rest is as important as the training itself. Rest allows your body to recover so that you can see the results of your fitness goals. On the flip side, working out without rest leads to overtraining and insignificant results.

So, the best way to know if you need rest is to listen to your body. If you start feeling overly tired and less enthusiastic, perhaps it’s time for a break. You can take time off the intense workout, take a yoga session, or resort to walking.

6. Obsession with Arm Workout Only

Personal trainers have shunned the fallacy that it’s okay to focus on one body part to get the best results. Instead of working on your arms only, expand your horizon, and include a full-body workout.

Why? Exercising only your arms can lead to injury. Again, it will take ages for you to get the results you yearn for. So, let your arm toning exercise run concurrently with your body exercise.

7. The Time and Intensity Factor

Time and intensity go hand in hand when it comes to exercise. If you are doing a 15 rep dumbbell squats thruster and finding it easy, perhaps the intensity of the exercise is way below your fitness level. Again, doing an exercise for 25 minutes without breaking a sweat could be the reason you are still struggling with your arms.

Therefore, if you want to get the most of arm toning exercise, you must pay attention to the intensity and the duration of the workout. It will play a significant role in toning your arms, burning that fat, and giving you the sexy look you are craving.

8. Trying to Do It All Alone

During summer, it’s hot, and the dress code lends itself to exposing more skin. Here is where everyone will be busy trying different workouts on their own to achieve their body goals. Of course, this is an impressive initiative, but without direction, a plan, or a vague idea of what you should do, your gym membership will go to waste.

You’ll go to the gym with a flabby arm and come out with the same. So, to save yourself the agony, hire a professional. This way, you’ll get a customized workout plan that suits your body goals.

This will ensure you are consistent, accountable, and committed to your workout program. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating the results.

9. Neglecting Proteins

The first thing that comes to mind when exercising is mentioned is reducing carbs. Even so, protein remains one of the most important food types when you have a workout program.

Protein’s amino acid helps with muscle recovery. When you are working on toning your arms or body, a protein diet helps your muscles recover, adapt, and grow. Thus, it’s in your interest to include proteins in your meals.

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