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8 Habits of Couples in Strong and Healthy Relationships



8 Habits of Couples in Strong and Healthy Relationships

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It may take a minute to fall in love, but it takes an eternity to build a relationship. And that too, an ever-lasting one. An individual may excite you, bless you with those butterflies, but is that enough to determine whether you can spend your day and night with that person? Well, technically, that isn’t a valid question. It is a challenge, a task – I must say. Because again, relationships aren’t built overnight.

They demand time, effort, and dedication. To keep the one that excites you about and around, you’ve got to make some changes. Some in your routine, some in yourself, and some in your goals. But, the effort has to be both ways or none at all.

And for that very reason, relationship experts advise couples to consciously analyze the bond they share and work on strengthening it every single day (Mind you, it is way too precious to lose!). Doing so can be pretty easy and rewarding, should you be willing to embrace a few healthy habits.

Which habits are these exactly? Read on to find out.

1. Keeping it Transparent

Perhaps, the first and most influential aspect of any relationship is transparency, i.e., the eradication of doubts. You need to develop a habit of sharing all that your partner needs to know with them. Once in a relationship, you have to quit on all your secrets and only-me content.

Remember, doubts serve as poison to any forms of communication between two individuals. I’ll not even say human beings here, for if you observe your pet and yourself, you’d see how quickly things go downhill if they detect something unreliable about you. It’s natural for all entities capable of feeling to distance themselves from uncertainty and danger. Hence, whatever you do, make sure that you’re partner never feels to have been left in the dark.

2. Effective Communication

They say if your relationship hasn’t had scars of its own and you haven’t learned to embrace them, there’s a whole lot of connection missing between you two.

There will be times when there are quarrels, disagreements, and everything that you’d term as a down of your relationship. However, you, as a responsible and dedicated partner, should not let it damage your relationship. Rather, use it to strengthen your bond and understand each other on an even deeper level. And that wouldn’t be possible unless you learn to communicate effectively with your partner.

Note that communicating does not only mean voicing your say. It means voicing your say in a way that it makes to your partner’s ears. Now, what does that even mean?

Well, it simply means that you ensure that they see how you reason something and understand. Certainly, this should not involve imposing yourself on the other. Instead, it should be a gentle process of trying until you make it through. After all, they are someone who knows the true you. Surely, at a point or two, you’ll make it through whatever barriers stand between you two.

3. Trusting the Other’s Decision

Back when you exchanged your engagement rings, you entrusted each other’s emotional self and life with one another. It was a vow for a lifetime, and you will see this vow popping up now and then as a challenge. You need to learn to trust your partner over and above all, even if the entire world is saying otherwise. Of course, unless you guys develop a habit of being transparent amongst yourselves, developing this habit can be a bit difficult. But certainly not impossible!

4. Respecting One Another

You guys are a couple and not identical twins. You can’t deny the differences between yourselves, no matter how deeply in love you are. Running from the differences only makes them much more of a threat when they finally surface. Hence, it’s best to be well aware and respect each other’s differences in choice at food, lifestyle, socializing, career, etc.

5. Supporting Through and Thorough

If your partner suddenly suggests risking all your life earnings on, say, a business that they think would be a hit, and you back out. You will not only damage their trust in you but will be giving a major blow to the stability of your relationship. Discuss things, calculate, and make decisions mutually. But make sure your partner feels encouraged to leap to their dreams. They should have someone at their back when taking risks.

6. Impulsively Reconnecting

With time, you may feel the spark fading. But it is on you to rescue it every time you feel so. Go out for a walk, enjoy a warm morning together, read a book, watch a show, or perhaps, pause everything and treat yourselves with a mini lets-catch-up vacation in nature. Do whatever you can to ensure your significant other does not feel bound but cherished

7. Working Together

Be it at home or outside, make sure you both are a team. Even if you do not work in the same industry, you can back each other emotionally, financially, physically, and morally. Assist each other in all ways possible. Also, at home, make it a habit to split the household chores into equal halves. So, the other doesn’t feel burdened. Even when it comes to raising your kids, team up to select the best for them. Be it reading kids books or toys for your kids or taking life decisions, such as picking a lifestyle for them.

8. Appreciation

According to a survey, partners feel more inclined towards doing better if their partner highlights and appreciates their positive attributes in public or even with them. The appreciation encourages them and makes them feel rewarded. If you feel your partner is intelligent, or say, warm and reliable, speak it out loud. Let them now that you realize and treasure it. Make it a habit of doing so and watch your relationship bloom!

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