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7 Rules for Creating a Promo Video



7 Rules for Creating a Promo Video

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Creating a promo video isn’t a new marketing strategy. It is old but golden because videos are capable of grabbing people’s attention quickly. They also make an emotional spark and leave an impression on the viewers. Promo videos allow you to combine several advertising principles to create an engaging video for your service or product, which is why it is effective.

As effective as promo videos can be, you need to do it right. So here are some rules to follow for creating one.

1. Make the first few seconds very interesting

The introduction or the first 5 seconds of your video are crucial as they determine if the viewers will continue watching or they will exit the video. So, you must make it exciting, engaging, and catchy with the aid of Intro Maker to draw them in. Both the audio and visual aspects of your video must be compelling. Start the video with an action, an emotion, or striking colors to get the viewers to pay attention and watch the video.

2. Use a compelling cover

Since you are posting the video on social media, use a suitable cover photo for the video. The cover can either attract viewers to the video or drive them away. So you have to use an image that can spark the viewers’ audience and get them curious about the video. This will make them watch. You can use a specially made poster or pick a frame from your video.

3. Tailor your video for the social media platform you’re posting on

Your video will be more effective if it’s tailor-made for the social media you’re posting on. For instance, the video ratio for Insta Story is different from the ratio for the regular Instagram post. That’s why you should create the video to suit where you’re posting it. Also, according to essay writers, it’s more effective to post directly through the platform’s video player than using an external platform like YouTube. This will help you reach more viewers.

4. Make your video short

Making your video short is as essential as having a compelling start to the video. No matter how good the start is, they are likely to quit midway if it’s too long, and they may not get the message you’re passing. Go straight to the point and leave out fluffs and all unnecessary details. Make your video as short as possible and give only very vital information. Your viewers don’t have to hear it all in one video.

Rules for Creating a Promo Video

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5. Pass the most critical information at the beginning of the video

Saving the best for the last doesn’t work for promo videos, especially in a social media age where people have a brief attention span. No matter how short the video is, you can’t tell when the viewers will quit. They may quit after 15 seconds if it’s a 30 seconds video. So leaving the best part at the end isn’t effective. This is why you must start the video by stating the most critical information. So even if they quit, they would have gotten your message.

6. Use short and precise descriptions

Make your video title very short and easy to understand – like a newspaper headline. Giving it a bogus title and using complicated words will only drive your viewers away. Don’t try to play smart on your audience. They know you know big words, don’t go rubbing it in their faces. They’ve come to social media to relax, not to undergo some vocabulary learning session. They don’t need that new knowledge from you. Just make your title and description short and simple.

7. Don’t forget to add a call to action in your video

Like in every type of content, you must add a call to action to your promo video. Although it signifies the end of the video in most cases, it also ensures that your audience continues to interact with you. That’s why CTAs are highly recommended. You can ask the viewers to like, share, or leave a comment on the video in the comment section. This ensures continued interaction.

If you want to sell a product or service, you can ask the audience to try out the product or service or contact you. But, again, this is an opportunity for you to connect with your viewers more after they’ve taken their time to get to the end of the video.


Those are the seven rules you should follow when creating a promo video to give you more success.

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