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5 Ways to Set Up Your Home Gym



5 Ways to Set Up Your Home Gym

Gyms and interior design are becoming a topic that is discussed more than ever today. Back in the day, a home gym was just dumbbells, dumbbells, a rusty weight bench, and maybe an exercise bike that just seemed to take up space in your house. Today, however, with the emphasis on fitness and exercise, people have less time to spend on it, but more attention is paid to home gym design. If you design a gym to look inviting, it will be easier to work out at home. An attractive home workout room full of high-quality equipment that you will be using is easy to create with the following tips:

1. Organization of exercise equipment

Create a floor plan to see where your exercise equipment is. With more exercise equipment, it is best to place the tallest and largest exercise bikes along the walls and the smallest shorter exercise machines in the middle. This maximizes the use of space in the training room and improves the appearance of the home gym. If you look at most of the gyms, this is how the commercial fitness equipment is arranged. Obviously, you have exercise goals in mind because you made the decision to buy a home gym. Now make sure that the home gym has the potential to achieve these goals. If your goals are simple and straightforward, like getting more strength in your legs, upper body, or in many gyms, then you are ideal for achieving those goals. If you do not have enough cash to purchase modern equipment, you can opt to get used gym equipment.

2. Support gears

Remember that in addition to cardio machines, the gym should have a few extra things. A poorly designed home gym has only exercise equipment. A good one has an adequate source of water to quench your thirst (or a cool box), ventilation windows, mirrors on the walls so you can see yourself through movements to make sure you’re doing your exercise well, a wardrobe for clothes and other things and a first aid cabinet for emergencies. Oh, and a good sound system will make you enjoy listening to songs to get the adrenaline pumping.

3. Room location

Wherever you provide space for an exercise room, remember that placement is very important when designing your home gym. On the one hand, choose a part of the house where you can generally make noise without disturbing anyone. Second, choose a spot next to a bathroom, as you’ll likely want to take a shower after your workout to cool off. Finally, make sure the room is adequately ventilated; You need fresh air. Also, consider the shape of the room, whether it is square, rectangular, long and narrow, etc., because you can choose equipment that will allow you to maximize the space you need to work with.

4. Wall images

Adding pictures and posters to your home gym will not only make the room look like some of the gym projects, but it can also act as a motivational tool with the right picture. The easiest way to get ideas started is to visit your local gym. Most of the time they offer a free trial or tour and you can take notes on how they’ve designed their fitness center. Bring a notebook and write down anything that you find appealing and could use for your gym. Think about the colors of the walls, the positioning of the equipment, and the gym floor. Also, look for pictures that appear on the walls. These are often used to motivate members to work.

Home Gym

Image by knock_to_dreams from Pixabay

5. Location

If you are serious about exercising, you need to make room for home fitness equipment. Depending on the size of the fitness equipment you have brought with you, make sure that you have enough freedom of movement during training. A guest room in the house, your family’s hiding place, even your basement should have enough space.


With solid planning and a careful analysis of the necessary equipment and their placement, you can design a home gym that looks attractive and functional. By making a home gym look more attractive, you can get more exercise! Designing your home gym is a lot of fun because you can adapt it to your specific needs.

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