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5 Part-Time Online Jobs To Do From Home



5 Part-Time Online Jobs To Do From Home

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Imagine you come back home from work at 6 p.m., you have had your dinner and you do not want to waste your time watching another TV show or hanging out with friends. You want to learn a new profession and you do not mind making some extra money. Please see five online jobs that you can do from home and remember, you do not need any degree to do it. This list is really practical as jobs posted below are in high demand right now and the demand is going to grow.

1. Sales Funnel Manager

What is the sales funnel? For example, you are scrolling through social media and then you see free webinar or check-list advertising. You are signing up and giving them your contact details. Then you will receive a check-list or link to the webinar and they will start to tell you about their products or services through emails. Then in 3-4 days they will send you an offer to buy their products and if you do not buy it in couple of days you will get an email with a discount for this product. This is called the sales funnel and usually it consists from 5 stages:

The topmost part of the sales funnel, this comprises of the huge amount of people who are aware of some business and how it works. At this point, people are engaged by classic banner ads.

To this stage come people who have expressed an interest in product and business by filling the form, contacting a sales team or interacting with the company in social media.

In this stage, potential customers get an offer from the company and start discussing the details.

People already know a lot about the particular business, how it benefits them and start comparing with the competitors. This is the penultimate stage in the funnel.

To this stage come people who finally buy product/service.

Sales funnels are the present and the future of marketing. Sales have changed and the main rule now is to give value first. People are not ready to buy clicking on the first add, they want to make sure that you are a professional. It is really often used for services, especially in education.

People who are able to create sales funnels are in high demand right now. Such kind of professional supposed to know how to create a webinar, write call-to-action emails, make creative banners, create the landing pages for products using templates, and the main skill is to draw the whole scheme of how emails are going to work after people sing up. The best thing about this profession is that you should not do all this stuff every single time, you just launch it and it keeps working. This process is as automated as possible so, you have to familiarize yourself with software which helps to create and manage sales funnel. On average, it would take you around 10 hours to create a sales funnel. This is something you can do Monday to Friday 2 hours per day, and in a week you will finish one funnel. So, start mastering your skills right now, using free trial periods available in specialized software.

Maybe you will become a sales funnel manager or, maybe, you will create your own product and sell it through a sales funnel.

2. YouTube Channel Manager

Part-Time Online Jobs To Do From Home

Image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay

Blogger produces a video, editor edits everything, so what does channel manager do? Basically, a manager puts the video on YouTube, coordinates with thumbnails designers, comes up with titles and descriptions, puts all the hashtags in, just makes sure that the video goes live on a certain date, and if sponsored video includes all the links, etc. It is all about coordination stuff, so you have to be really attentive to details. It is also a pretty creative job because you have to come up with titles people are going to click.

YouTube gives a wide range of data for analysis and if you are able to draw meaningful conclusions you could grow to channel strategist. In this role, you will suggest what content followers prefer, what kind of videos have to be made to perform better, which companies might be interested in cooperation, etc. You can find this job easy on different freelancing platforms and work from home, does not matter where are you from.

3. Voice-over Specialist

This very creative profession will be perfect for those who love talking to people but do not like being in front of the camera, which is a typical problem. If you do not mind speaking to a microphone, you should check out voice-over specialist jobs. The main responsibility of a voice-over artist is to, in most cases, read a script and speak. That’s it. There is a lot of demand for voice-over specialist, as such professionals are required almost everywhere from media to audiobooks creation. If you feel confident with your voice this is something that you definitely have to try.

4. Virtual Recruiter

Without any degree you can work with recruiting staff for entry-level positions. It is quite possible that you will master your skills and start working with middle-level specialists. You can start working really quickly as at entry-level it is more about organization of recruitment process: coming up with job description, put it on different websites, creating a test for the profession, finding courses that teach people how to do that particular job and connect with managers of those courses offering an opportunity for students. Generally, you have to come up with the whole structure, do some interviews, and pass the best candidates to the person who hired you. There are a lot of job openings for virtual recruiter position available right now.

5. Graphic Designer

It is one more job that you can do from home without any special education. People are constantly looking for designers to help them with banners, thumbnails for YouTube, so you can find the niche that interests you the most and will fit you. You just need a little time and a huge passion. If you do not know any graphic design software you suppose to start from the easiest one. Let’s say from Canva or Crello, which you can use even from your smartphone. When you will get familiar with this soft you’ll see if it is enough for your job. I advise to start from photo editing and proceed with banners, animations, etc. Your first clients can be found on social media. Start reaching out the bloggers, show them your work, ask for a chance to edit some photos for free to make them perform better and send details of your offer with the result of free editing.

Remember, new opportunities for part-time remote jobs appear every day. Do not miss your chance to earn some extra money in 2020 and start mastering your skills right now.

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