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5 Work From Home Tips For You To Stay Motivated



Work From Home Tips For You To Stay Motivated

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Even though most people were arguing in favor of permanent work from home, companies and businesses didn’t agree. However, this happened without them realizing it. The Coronavirus spread to the entire world and made remote work the new normal. Some employees were happy about it. It was what they yearned for so long. But there is also a part of the employees who experienced many challenges when starting to work from home.

Especially if you are a parent, you surely know that during the lockdown, when you have to work from home, your children took part in classes online. The challenges were huge. So, a natural question appears: how to keep your motivation levels high? There is an abrupt change of scenery, of working style, and of things that now perturb your attention. Hopefully, some tips could help you navigate these stormy waters and find your inner motivation.

1. Create a Schedule

Before thinking about what you can do to trigger your motivation, you need to understand where this demotivation comes from. One answer could be that you started working from home and it is something that you are not used to. But what exactly makes working from home so challenging and demotivating? It may be the lack of a clear schedule.

When you used to go to the office, you surely had a clear schedule. Wake up, have breakfast, take kids to school, go to office and work, then take kids from the school and go home. Now, from your home you do everything. You work, you do the house chores, take care of the children and do homework with them, relax, watch a movie, cook, and many more. It is therefore important to set a clear schedule you follow each day. This will help you be more organized, but it will be also easier to find your focus and increase your productivity. Which, in turn, will boost your motivation. Because you have established a clear boundary between work and personal life.

2. Arrange a Dedicated Working Space

Another thing that could dwindle your motivation levels is the lack of dedicated working space. You either work from the kitchen, from a comfortable couch, from your bed and so on. If you do not have a working space, then this might be one of the factors that could lead to demotivation. The thing is, our brains are very powerful and able to make smart and fast connections.

If you work from the bed, for example, you will probably feel sleepy and this will affect your productivity and focus. This is because your brain knows that you always sleep in the bed. So, it thinks that it is time for sleep when you try working from there. At the same time, having a dedicated working space allows you to have all the things you need in the same place. This will save you the time spent looking for different tools you need and instead focus on your tasks and be productive and motivated.

3. Keep Distractions Away

5 Work From Home Tips For You To Stay Motivated

Photo by Elijah Fox on Unsplash

When working from home, distractions are everywhere. It may be the TV or radio. It may be a family member that interrupts you. It may be the notifications you get on your smartphone. Distractions are everywhere and they can keep you away from your motivation and productivity. This is because distractions do not let you focus on your tasks and catch your attention, even if it is for short periods. But it is enough to make finding your focus challenging afterward.

So, you need to keep distractions away. If you have a large family, then let them know your working hours so that they will not interrupt you. If you always keep your phone near you, consider putting it on silent or do not disturb mode. You could even place it in another room while you work. If you need to do homeschooling with your kids, consider preparing and giving them interactive and interesting tasks that would keep them busy for some time. And then, reward them if they have not interrupted you. Keeping distractions away will allow you to focus easier and be productive and proficient, which will fuel your motivation.

4. Take Breaks

When working from home, it may be more difficult to organize your schedule. And you may notice that it is often the case you do overtime because it is easy to overlook the time you spent working. These long periods of working put a strain on your brain and make burnout, stress, and demotivation appear. It is therefore important to take regular breaks and relax. You should engage in an activity that is not related to your work. Maybe you can chat with some friends and get updates.

Maybe you could read a chapter of your currently reading book. You can also have a snack, go for a walk in nature, or listen to music. No matter what you do, it is important to take regular breaks and allow your brain to breathe and relax. These breaks will also help you return to your tasks with a fresher perspective, which allows you to see things you have not observed before. Regular breaks also boost creativity, so if you have a job that demands it, regular breaks will be like a breath of fresh air.

5. Reward Yourself

We have said above that you can reward your children for completing their tasks and not interrupting you while you work. But why not do it with yourself too? We all know that sometimes we need to do some tasks we dislike. There are those tasks that seem to put a burden on you. And the simple thought that you need to do it can dwindle your motivation.

For these moments that could be more frequent or rare, there is a solution. You can reward yourself too. Many people think of rewards as something material, but this is wrong. You can reward yourself with a cup of coffee or tea, watching an episode of your favorite tv series, or listening to an episode of your favorite podcast.


Working from home can sometimes be challenging and at some moments your motivation can easily dwindle. You may feel stressed, unproductive, and unmotivated when trying to complete your working tasks. Many reasons could trigger these feelings, but thankfully we have shared some tips that we hope could help you handle this challenging time. Create a schedule that helps you stay organized and create a dedicated working space. Keep distractions away and let your family know your working schedule. Take regular breaks to return with a fresher perspective and reward yourself whenever you complete a difficult or burdensome task.

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