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5 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom



5 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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The bathroom sits alongside the kitchen as the room that probably gets the most daily punishment and, as such, needs to be refurbished more often than the lounge or the bedroom. Bathroom trends and styles are always changing too, so that corner bath you installed five years ago might now be looking a little outdated. And coloured toilets? When was that ever a good idea?

But how do you upgrade your bathroom to make it more efficient and aesthetically pleasing without spending a fortune and completely disrupting your home life? Here are a few ideas.


Of all the major bathroom upgrades, installing a new shower is perhaps one of the most affordable yet dramatic upgrades you can make. Perhaps, for example, you only have a bath in your upstairs bathroom and want to install a shower so you can get ready more quickly in the morning. Maybe you even want to treat yourself to a rainfall shower! This is a much easier and more affordable upgrade than you might think as long as you do the installation yourself.


The flooring is another area you might be able to upgrade yourself with the right tools and enough time and patience. If you want to simply refresh your flooring, order vinyl tiles that can be mounted easily and quickly on top of existing flooring. If you desire something a little more ornate, however, consider granite or marble flooring or perhaps even installing underfloor heating. This will set you back a pretty penny and will require professional help but it will be incredibly luxurious.


Over time, particularly if you live in an area with hard water, bathroom fixtures can become riddled with rust and limescale and getting rid of it isn’t particularly easy. Thankfully, swapping out fixtures is relatively straightforward and there are hundreds of choices to consider when it comes to everything from style to material and colour.


Adding a skylight could completely change the way your bathroom feels, opening it up to natural light and making it feel larger, brighter and more inviting in the process. Of course, having constant sunlight streaming into the room might make it a little too warm in the summer months, but you can always install motorized blinds to combat this.


One of the most pressing problems with bathrooms is the lack of proper air circulation. If you happen to enjoy regular hot showers, then you’ve probably noticed a build-up of condensation and that can eventually lead to mould. Installing an exhaust fan and having the air directed through your loft space and out of the house will prohibit mould forming and remove unpleasant odours faster and more efficiently. It’s a definite win-win upgrade for everyone!

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