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10 Essentials of a Home Electrical Renovation



Essentials of a Home Electrical Renovation

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Are you thinking of renovating your home? While you might be leaning toward changing things like appliances, you should also consider doing home electrical upgrades. A lot of the reasons for this is that your current wiring could have been done before you bought your place. There could have been different safety codes back then, so it’s a good idea to bring things up to date. Here are the 10 essentials when you’re doing a home electrical renovation.

1. Light Switches

This one is a given. You’re going to be turning things on and off all the time, which is why it’s vital to have the correct wiring done. There are a lot of different types that you can get, including dimmers and smart light switches. If you’ve wanted to change the look of your light switches, make sure that there won’t be any issues with the wiring down the road.

2. Backup Power Source

It’s always a good idea to be prepared, especially if you’re in an area that gets extreme weather, which could result in power outages. Get a back-up generator – it could save you from having to throw out food if there is a power outage. It’s also important if you have something that needs to keep running when you use it, like a CPAP machine.

3. Electrical Wiring

This one’s so important that it deserves to be repeated in its own section. Have a professional come take a look and see if they can detect issues with the wiring. You don’t want to have something going on in the walls which could lead to major problems. They could also make sure that the wiring isn’t made up of things like aluminum.

4. Electrical Panel

Are you thinking of getting a lot of new appliances? Refrigerator, oven, washing machine and dryer, to name a few. Those will consume a lot more energy than

5. Outlet

You don’t want to have any loose outlets. Sparks could come out of them and be hazardous to family members or even potentially start a fire. So, you want to make sure that someone comes and secures those outlets to the walls and that they are properly wired.

6. Smart Home Features

Technology keeps improving by leaps and bounds. You can arm and deactivate your home security system by using your voice. A lot of appliances can be controlled from a smartphone. If you want your place to look sleek and modern, this is a great way to do it.

7. Surge Protection

There are whole-home surge protectors that can protect your place from all kinds of electrical spikes. Best of all, you have one central place for all kinds of appliances to be shielded.

8. Ceiling Fans

You might not want to get air conditioner. Instead, you can cool your home during those blazing hot summer days by getting a ceiling fan. You can set it on low and have a good night sleep or just have it running while you’re relaxing.

9. Smoke Detector

This is an extremely important upgrade since a smoke detector can literally save you and your family’s lives. Make sure you get a new one and that you still check on the battery to ensure that it’s still strong.

10. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The last one on this list is a must-have. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that could possibly make your family very sick or worse. The carbon monoxide detector will alert you if it detects anything – which means it’s time to open windows and get outside.

These are the electrical things that you should be paying attention to when you upgrade your house. It’s a worthy investment to keep everyone in it safe.

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