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5 Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Value



5 Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas to Improve your Home's Value

Image by BUMIPUTRA from Pixabay

Have you heard the phrase, “home is where your heart is,” so it is only natural that we want to make our homes beautiful and comfortable to please us? Another factor is that you also want to make sure that you are renewing your home in such a way that increases its property value.

So let me share a bit of a secret with you, I lived in a house of 150 sq. yard. Small, right? It had a small backyard, but it was full of weeds. So when we moved into that house, the first thing we did was build a deck in our backyard! And do you know the worth of our home skyrocketed because of that home improvement idea?

I’ll be honest, when I think of home improvement, I always think in terms of whether that particular idea will increase the worth of our house or not. And this is how it should be! You can be smart about your renovations, so it doesn’t bring your property value down but instead only benefit you when the time comes to sell that house.

In this article, I have listed down 5 amazing and sustainable home improvement ideas that will increase the value of your house.

5 Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas to Increase your Home’s Value

1. Upgrade your Bathroom Every 2 Years

A bathroom is the first place a real estate agent will look at when you put your house up for sale or rent. Or even people who want to buy your house would see the bathroom first. So always keep upgrading your bathroom.

If things get messy, rusted, or the water lines are not working perfectly, you should immediately try and fix the problem or get an upgrade. Your heater and you may have a Gas Safety Cert as well, telling you that by the books all your bathroom appliances are good.

My advice to you is to get energy-efficient fixtures for your bathroom; this will be good for your bank account and will be a small, tiny way of contributing to the environment as well. Another piece of advice is to install dimmer switches in your bathroom; this will give you less electricity bill, and nighttime trips to the bathroom will not be so annoying.

Last, take care of the aesthetic of your bathroom. After all, if it looks good, it smells good.

2. Take care of your Front and Backyard

Landscaping is a big deal. Especially if you have a front yard. Next, take care of all that garden and greenery; make sure no weeds or wild plants are growing in your backyard or front yard. Today, if you don’t take care of your landscaping, you might have to deal with some complaints from the neighbors as well.

Because today, we run as neighborhoods, and if one house looks like a jungle, it reduces the property value of all the houses down the block. And this could be a problem like if you’re looking to sell a house in lemon grove.

So, my tip to you here is to keep your lawn green, add flowers and outdoor decorations, get a budget-friendly fertilizing option and cultivate your lawn. It is not just a matter of beauty, and a beautiful and clean outlook to our house increases the value of your property considerably. So, think of it as an investment if you think landscaping is not a big deal—the bigger the investment, the better the return. You can check out Wild Yards to see more ideas for backyard makeovers or transformations.

3. Upgrade to Energy Efficient Products and Appliances

Getting energy-efficient appliances is a long-term investment and will save you a lot of money. So, take this advice very seriously, invest in energy-efficient products and appliances for your kitchens, bathrooms, basement, etc.

We recommend you get an energy audit done by professionals before you start rewiring your entire house. This will help you understand how much energy and money you are saving by replacing a particular appliance.

The professional energy auditors will point out places that need replacement, e.g., it can mean replacing old wirings, lightings and fixtures, and different appliances. Here is an article for you to understand the importance of energy appliances.

4. Upgrade Your Flooring

Flooring is often overlooked but often sets the theme of your house. In 2021, the most common flooring used in the house is wood flooring. But with each kind of flooring comes a special set of instructions, especially with wood flooring. There are special cleaning supplies for each kind of floor, and if you don’t take care of that, you will end up ruining your wood floors.

What happens is most homeowners, before selling the house, hide their floor crack by putting a rug or carpet over it. Good idea, right? You can also do that as a protection for your actual floor and remove it when you have visitors.

If you have a house with kids, carpets can tend to get messy, and getting a carpet cleaned professionally is expensive and annoying. In that case, flooring is more sustainable, as cleaning is easier.

5. Upgrade your Old Windows & Doors

There is a house that still exists today that was built in the 1950s or something. While some of these houses are maintained well and sell off for their vintage look and feel, most of them need an upgrade! Especially their windows and doors.

Because no matter what, today you need to keep your homes secure! So, get good and secure doors and windows that not only keep you safe but also looks good and match the aesthetics of your home.

Environment-Friendly Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

At some point, everyone thinks about moving into a different house. And when you do, you are suddenly hit with a list of things you need to fix in the house before putting it up for rent or sale on the market.

If you read our list above of sustainable home improvement ideas, you will understand if you make the right choices from the start, there won’t is a huge cost at the end when you decide to put up your house for sale.

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