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5 Activities That Can Inspire Peace of Mind



5 Activities That Can Inspire Peace of Mind

Photo by Good Faces on Unsplash

When so much is happening in your life, it is easy to be caught up in worry and anxiety. It is easy to assume that inner peace is unachievable at such moments. However, you don’t have to wait until you are completely free of troubles to enjoy peace of mind. You can find tranquility and calmness in the middle of a storm. Moreover, with peace of mind, your life becomes happy and you are more prepared to face anything that life throws at you. If you find yourself constantly worried, here are 5 activities that you can do to inspire peace of mind in your life.

1. Gardening

Gardening is such a powerful tool when it comes to a healthy mind and general wellbeing. For starters, gardening gets out in nature and gives an opportunity to connect with Mother Nature – that alone is so calming to the mind. In addition, gardening involves tending to crops and seeing them grow. This gives life a sense of purpose and meaning. It also refocuses the mind from stressful thoughts and keeps it busy thinking of the tasks that you have to do in your garden. So, get down in the dirt and start thinking of what you can grow. Start simple like a vegetable garden in your backyard. In fact, saving a few coins on vegetables can be a great way to find inner peace if you are worried about money.

Don’t have space outside for gardening? Thanks to technology, you can start gardening indoors. Plants growing inside your house can be provided with the right lighting requirements thanks to grow tents.

2. Journaling

Sometimes all you need is an avenue to vent out the pent-up emotions to find peace of mind. Journaling gives you just that. The good thing is that there is no good or wrong way to do it. Just pick a piece of paper and pen and start writing down your thoughts and feelings. Making time out of your schedule to put pen to paper on different things that are happening in your life can be meditative. It makes it easy to define the thoughts and make sense of all that is happening that is stealing your joy and peace. While at it, practice gratitude journaling – write down what you are grateful for in life. This allows you to meditate on the small things that give life meaning, filling your mind with inner peace.

3. Exercising

Activities That Can Inspire Peace of Mind

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Getting your body moving is a great way to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and cultivate inner peace. This is because exercising promotes the production of feel-good hormones, filling your mind with calmness and happiness. Moreover, just like gardening, it helps shift your thoughts from the troubles of life. And, if you are constantly worried about your body, exercising allows you to work on your body, giving you much-needed self-confidence. Exercise can be anything from dancing, taking the stairs, brisk walking, or biking to lifting weights, and taking up a sport.

4. Volunteering

Finding time to volunteer for worthwhile causes and help people in need can have surprising mental benefits for you. One, it helps you connect with others and meet inspiring people. Helping others also gives life meaning, which stimulates the mind and brings feelings of happiness. Additionally, it can be a good opportunity to learn new skills and get ahead in your career. So, find a cause in your community that can benefit from your time and skills. You can commit to helping a few times in a week or month depending on your schedule.

5. Reading

Cultivating peace of mind requires one to look beyond stressful events. Moreover, this is possible when you have an open mind and a broad perspective about life. Reading different books helps you achieve just that. Additionally, spending time with a good book can be relaxing. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time reading to reap the benefits. Just a few minutes a day is enough. Consider reading books with positive topics such as motivation, meditation, biographies, and the like.


You don’t have to go about with a restless mind when you are going through troubled times. There are easy activities that you can do to get rid of stress and usher in feelings of calmness and peace of mind. Start gardening, make time for journaling, offer your skills to a worthwhile cause, get yourself a good book, and get your body moving to inspire peace of mind.

Emma Parcell is a writer who is passionate about her work. She gets inspiration for writing from her daily routine. Her hobby is cycling, and as her daily activity along with her chopper bike, it is the best way to relax and then write down her ideas. Emma enjoys nature a lot and nature is the secret of her beautiful writings.

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