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4 Tips to Tackle Working from Home



4 Tips to Tackle Working from Home

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has caused substantial changes in our personal and professional lives. Many employees are now working from home in light of company decisions to protect the wellbeing of their staff. While freelancers and business people are typically accustomed to this style of working, many people have been forced to adjust almost overnight. In recent times, many employees have been called back into the office, but there are still a large percentage that are being encouraged to continue working remotely for the foreseeable future. Working from home does have many perks, but some challenges are likely to be faced.

Here are four tips to tackle working from home:

Designate a workspace

First thing’s first, you’ll need to set up an area of your home that will become your designated workspace. You may be lucky enough to have a spare room, attic, or garage that can be temporarily converted into an office; however, many people are forced to work in their kitchen if there is no extra space. This can prove difficult due to the lack of space or functionality for home-working, but if the outlook is for you to continue working from home for the foreseeable future, you could consider redesigning your kitchen to meet these needs. Diy kitchens are affordable yet durable and can be created to suit working from home life. This may include adding an extendable folding table, varying the height of worktops that can double up as a desk, and adding a storage unit for paperwork.

Get ready for the day ahead

While working from home gives you the novelty of relaxing in your own personal space, you should refrain from losing the incentive to get up and ready for the day ahead. Many people lack motivation when working from home simply because they’re not forced to carry out their usual activities (e.g., getting dressed, commuting, and being surrounded by their team). However, you should aim to stick to a similar routine that mirrors your typical day. This may mean going for your usual morning run and allocating specific work clothes.

Stay connected

While you may enjoy working from home, you may lack the social contact that you’re used to in the office, which can start to have a knock-on effect on your mental health. With this in mind, aim to reach out to friends and family regularly. Human communication is of real importance, so whether you choose to meet up after work or regularly video call, make time to socialize around your working hours to prevent you from feeling cut off and isolated.

Set boundaries

It’s easy to become carried away with getting through your workload when working from home, as opposed to the office, as you’re less aware of the time. However, ensure you set clear boundaries so that you start and finish around your usual working hours to help maintain a work-life balance. The good news is, though, that you may have the freedom to be a little more flexible when working remotely to fit around other commitments.

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