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Free Background Check

Are you about to bring in a potential employee for a job interview? Are you set to go on a first date and don’t know much about the person? You may be having doubts about the limited information that you’ve received so far. That’s where a background check can come in handy to provide a broader scope of information and get you a little bit more comfortable with this forthcoming interaction. Let’s see what these public records have to offer.

What is a background check?

A background check is a process of searching through public records to compile an accurate report on a person. A free background check is performed based on the person’s first name, last name, and current state of residence. These background checks may include criminal records, marital records, or any government-held records that reveal accurate information about the person’s history. All citizens of the United States can be subject to a background check that involves searching through their public records held in different official departments.

This includes marriage and divorce records, credit history, education, and traffic violations. This personal information may include mugshot records from prior arrests that may be an instant red flag before you go out on the date, as it could uncover a deeper rap sheet. Background checks are commonly used by employers to look into the past of a potential employee to check for any criminal history information or other background information about past work history to make sure the information on their resume and in their application syncs up with that detailed report.

Criminal History

get Free Background Check

Most workplace applications will ask a potential employee if they have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor within a certain time frame, or over the course of their lifetime. A free background check site can allow businesses to make sure that this new hire is being truthful. A detailed criminal report will allow users to look into any arrest records to understand if any time had been served or if the punishment associated with a crime had been completed. You may even have access to mugshots. However, it’s important to remember those are simply from the booking and not an implication of guilt.

A criminal background check is also useful in property ownership. Landlords will want to make sure that their renters are not guilty of any crimes or repeat offenses that could leave them culpable. They’ll also want to make sure that allowing this person as a tenant is not in violation of some court order. It’s also helpful in a roommate search to make sure you feel safe sharing living quarters with someone with whom you may not be familiar.

Financial History

get a Free Background Check

Through screening services, you can look into a specific person’s financial and credit history. This is of great use for landlords who are leasing out space to tenants. This will make sure that the person is still actively employed and has a strong credit history with proven on-time payments. This could also monitor for any foreclosures or other prior issues with payment as it relates to salary accrued and outstanding debts.

A background check site is also designed to provide identity verification, assuring that the applicant for an apartment is actually who they say they are. This can even be useful in situations where you are about to go on a first date, checking social media accounts to make sure the person is not trying to defraud you of any money or providing falsehoods about who they are or what they do for a living. At the end of the day, background checks are accessible, quick to obtain, and great for peace of mind.

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