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Our Work Isolation Has Made Us Sensitive to Good Online Meeting Equipment



Our Work Isolation Has Made Us Sensitive to Good Online Meeting Equipment

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With two years of pandemic-related social distance, online meetings, and forced digital life for everyone’s protection, the work world has become quite adept at online presence. At the same time, people have also become quite sensitive to poor technology as well. How often today do people complain about poor quality online meetings, poor audio quality, and equipment that seems to fall apart with too much basic use? All the time. Fortunately, there’s a better choice.

Quality in communication and network experience matters, even more now than it ever did before. So, when an office or project needs to be able to connect in a professional way, then it’s time to evolve to the performance level that delivers consistently every time. That’s where the Neat Bar comes in.

A Visual Work of Art in Meeting Engagement

The first thing one notices about the Neat Bar is its design. The visual presentation of the unit is simple yet powerful. Before one even turns it on to enjoy the communication quality, the physical form raises the bar for the rest of the hardware that will be matched to it. It’s the zenith of meeting room interactive tools, capable of working seamlessly with all major online meeting tool software, both cloud, and in-network. The amazing audio is crisp, clear, and as if the other parties are in the room with you as you speak. The video is practically the same in digital translation delivery, only limited by the screen equipment matched to the Neat Bar. Obviously, users will see an immediate need to bring everything else on their network up to par to match.

An additional benefit, the Neat Bar is extremely compatible with most common network configurations, LAN layouts, and Ethernet grids. There’s very little in the way of a technical need to connect a Neat Bar and bring it up in an office system. Most customers typically find the location of where to place the Neat Bar the toughest challenge, especially when everyone realizes how well it works.

Go for the Standout Versus the Middle of the Road

There is plenty of computer equipment, devices, apps, and digital tools for communicating. However, when it gets down to real performance, only a few high-quality tools have shown their leadership in the recent digital world under serious pressure and demand. The Neat Bar has been the leader in that regard.


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