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10 Ways to Connect With Yourself (+1 Bonus Tip)



10 Ways to Connect With Yourself

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Much is said about “connect with your inner power”, “listen to yourself”, “look inside yourself”… Surely, by now, you have heard or read these words many times.

From my perspective, these recommendations can inspire and motivate us, push us to get to know ourselves better, but, in reality, they are of little use if we do not go deeper into their meaning.

For this reason, before continuing, I want to explain what I understand by ‘connecting’ to make sure that we walk in the same direction and travel in the same boat.

For me, connecting with oneself means knowing one’s own story and reserving a space for emotional management. It also implies honesty and coherence with oneself, a willingness to listen to and accept oneself, in addition to questioning one’s own beliefs.

Below, you will find ten recommendations that I apply myself so that you can get closer to the state of conscious self-knowledge that you need to improve your life.

Connecting with yourself: 10 proven techniques to help you get there

1. Travel alone

Packing your suitcase, hanging your backpack on your shoulder, and travelling alone to any other part of the world seems the best technique that exists to connect with yourself.

Not depending on anyone else, doing what you feel and what you want at every moment is something simply extraordinary. It allows you to fully concentrate on what you really want to do without interference or mask: only your time, that moment, and you.

Since my trip to the Himalayas in 2015, this has become the experience that I always recommend to those who want to take time for themselves.

Indeed, I do not think it is an experience suitable for everyone since there are people who prefer to travel with someone and it seems an equally good choice. Whatever it is, it is YOUR CHOICE.

2. Listen to music

Music has been very present in my life since I was a kid and, thanks to it, I have managed to connect with my emotions and, therefore, with me in a very profound way.

Permit yourself to enjoy a song that reminds you of a particular stage in your life. It is an experience that transports you and compellingly connects you with your story. It’s definitely one of my favourite ways to connect with myself and honour my passion for life.

3. Write

Writing down your thoughts and reflections in a private notebook is another beneficial technique for connecting with yourself.

It is a highly effective habit to become aware of our emotions and thoughts.

In addition, by putting them in writing, you will always have a resource that will help you identify your predominant emotional state, which can help you draw conclusions about the direction your life is taking and refocus what no longer makes sense to you.

Ways to Connect With Yourself

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4. Enjoy an excursion in nature

After an outing in nature, I am convinced that you have returned home with the feeling of having disconnected.

And here, by disconnecting, I do not mean to forget about yourself, but quite the opposite. You disconnect from worries, work, routine and the speed of day to day.

For this reason, you feel that you disconnect because you forget about everything external for a few hours to focus on yourself and your well-being.

And that’s precisely what we call connecting with yourself, right? You connect with the essential, harmony, and authenticity, freeing yourself from superficialities and balancing with the natural – a highly positive experience, one of those little great things that make our life a real gift.

5. Meditate

Another very effective technique that I know to connect with myself is meditation.

Focusing our attention on our breathing for a few minutes helps calm the mind and get away from the noise. It is a very powerful technique to stay in the present moment, here and now, develop acceptance and observe our emotions in the absence of judgment.

In my case, I do this at night, minutes before going to sleep, to relax and easily connect with what I feel inside.

6. Walk alone

I have maintained this habit for a long time, so this recommendation could not be missing from this article.

Enjoying a good walk alone, with or without music, allows you to stay more in the present moment.

It seems like a great time to focus on your thoughts and reflect on the opportunities you enjoy.

Often the daily routine and obligations take us away from being aware of the positive aspects of our life, so give yourself that moment and that space.

Connect With Yourself

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7. Identify and unleash your emotions

During these last years, I have seen how many people repress their emotions for fear of feeling vulnerable.

In this sense, I think it is necessary to remember an important point: not sharing or communicating our emotions externally does not mean that they do not try to communicate something to us internally.

Precisely, the function of our emotions is to reveal information about ourselves that we may have overlooked. For this reason, when connecting with yourself, it is important to pay attention to them and observe what insecurities and beliefs are hidden behind these emotions.

8. Manage your time in coherence with your needs

The time you reserve for your own enjoyment should be consistent with your needs and not the other way around.

Often, we invest the time we “spare” after fulfilling our responsibilities in those activities that really fill us and motivate us. And this aspect is precisely the one that should begin to change.

The daily routine consumes us, and we waste our time in trivial activities that take us away from the connection with our interior.

One of the keys to our fulfilment is to enjoy quality time, which begins by identifying our needs and adjusting our schedule in coherence with our priorities.

9. Share moments of silence with people you trust

I have always believed that moments of silence are underrated. And I say it even when I love to talk and share good conversations in good company.

Sometimes we forget that silence is also a mode of expression, even though it is unnecessary to verbalize our words.

Have you ever shared a moment of silence alone or with someone you trust? It is a practice that I love and encourages connection to other levels. From a more spiritual and less polluted state, authenticity emerges thanks to the power of silence.

Freeing ourselves from our words is sometimes necessary. That is why I recommend reserving spaces and moments for silence and, ultimately, connecting with oneself and with what we feel inside.

10. Ask yourself essential questions

Although we often ask questions, we generally tend to question ourselves little, including even our values.

Daring to question what surrounds us and what we have been taught in our childhood fosters empowerment. It frees us from other people’s impositions and helps us to better connect with our essence.

Consider issues such as “what helps me feel good?” What reasons do I have for gratitude? and “How did I feel doing X today?” These are just some examples of fundamental questions to analyze our situation with a greater perspective.

Incorporating these types of questions into your regular activities helps you stay focused and connected to what is important to you and make relevant decisions that favour your fulfilment.

10-ways for Connecting With Yourself

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Bonus tip: Get up early in the morning and go for a walk

It is the one thing that can tick multiple boxes for you. You can spend time with yourself in the serene atmosphere. You can connect with nature. Also, your mind is the least clogged and is very fresh at that time of the day.

It is also good for your physical health as you get more oxygen in the morning.

I sincerely hope that this post helps you connect with yourself.

If you liked this article and want to know more about how I can help you achieve your personal or professional goals, you can reach me through my website to learn about the courses.

Thank you!

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I am an International Coach Federation approved Leadership & Wellness Coach, ABNLP Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotist & Trainer, and founder of Personal Mastery. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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