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Why Your Success Is Determined By Helping Others Solve a Problem



Why Your Success Is Determined By Helping Others Solve a Problem

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A famous quotation, “happiness is meant to find its way back to you when you help others to be happy”. It is indeed very real, whatever you look for others, comes its way back to you either it is happiness or success. Working hard is surely a key to success but the real strategy is to help others succeed.

Helping others is about helping our own selves. None of us is perfect and we all need to learn something from someone. Making others achieving their dreams is helping yourself too. Hence, your success is determined by helping other solve a problem. This cycle continues and leads towards a happy and successful life. The secret of life is not to be always happy, but making it useful and helpful for others.

We are all in the learning stage and no one knows everything. From Andrew Carnegie to Steve Jobs and Elon Musk to make a scalable product in America, they all have helped others in their lives. The key to any business is being successful and making someone else successful in their lives. Keep on searching for the ways, you can help others succeed too. The one who serves the others always benefits more than the one who is served.

When you help others, it provides you and your business a whole new level of possibilities. Here are the 5 ways, you can start helping others which will be a reward for your business and in your life.

1) Listen To The Person

Making a little effort to remember small details of someone’s life is not that hard. It helps your ability to create a positive impact in their life increase tremendously and they feel loveable. They realize how important they are which results in making them happy and cheerful. When a person comes to know that how you remember and care for them, they ultimately move heaven and earth to be there for you and give you what you deserve. Technology has helped all of us to keep the tiny things remember about the others.

2) Help Others To Connect

Be ready to introduce everyone in your social gathering and let people know about each other. If a person is trying to achieve his goals and dreams, be willing to introduce him to someone who can drive him to his goals. Stay happy and open your networking connections, to help others to grow. You would surely be amazed yourself to see an incredible number of people being connected to you. This will build a happy and healthy connection among you and your known contacts.

3) Inspire and Motivate

Inspiring the other person is far better than motivating him towards his goals. Inspiration is absolutely another form of perpetual motivation. You may go for a monthly bonus for your employees or a handsome dinner, but it won’t be appreciated after months would be passed. So try to inspire them, let them know, how important they are for your company and how much their contribution means to you. This will keep them motivated in the future journey. In this way, they will keep on producing better results. Talking in a respectful manner creates amazing bond, which is better than motivating others.

4) Give Constructive Feedback

Always try to work with constructive and respectful manner. Do not behave in a dumb or in an outspoken tone. Be humble, be patient and help the other person to grow with constructive feedback. Keep on uplifting each other in a tremendous way. Be honest and try to keep the conversation clear and defined. There is a difference in being outspoken and it can shake someone’s ground. Be kind and help the other person to improve himself in a good manner. Respect speaks louder than every action. After all, there is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

5) Keep Others on First Priority

This is the toughest part of being helpful to others. It asks you to keep your needs besides the one who need it the most. Always try to help the other person’s needs first whether your need is equally important or not. It sounds counterintuitive to set aside your desires and help the other one but it works. Go above and beyond to help the other person. It will serve you, not instantly, but it will. Keep on helping others to succeed first.

Make the other person at ease with your smile while talking. Be happy for the success of your colleagues, your classmates and every other person. Be sure, that you have to play a vital role in making the environment bloom with positive and happy vibes. No matter how hard it is but success lies beneath the help which we do to make others succeed.

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