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8 Tips To Remotely Deliver Effective Presentation



8 Tips To Remotely Deliver Effective Presentation

As remote work becomes increasingly common in today’s business scenario, effective digital presentation is becoming even more of a priority. Whether there is a sales pitch to be made, analyzing some facts and figures, brainstorming to be done or any activity that needs to be presented before your colleagues, boss and clients, our tips can lead you to showcase them successfully.

1. Setting the Stage

It is very important to have the metaphorical “stage” prepared and ready before the meeting commences. Your audience will be less likely to interrupt and jump in with questions during the presentation itself, if their expectations are set ahead of time. Take time to create the tone and atmosphere and to let your audience know the basic rules of the session. Convey when they can interact with you through questions, your goals and what they are going to take away from the meeting.

2. Signpost Often and Early

Signposting is an effective technique for communicating with your audience by giving them an indication of the narrative is going to progress. As you already know how long your remote presentation is going to be then inform people right from the beginning how many points you ae going to be discussing and which parts will you be emphasizing. This way the audience will not be going over the dreaded question “when will it end?” in their minds throughout the meeting, which can create inattentiveness.

3. Read your Audience

It is a fact that reading your audience during a virtual presentation is so difficult that it is almost impossible. It is much easier for a group of participants to get distracted during a remote meeting and your presentation can go entirely to waste if it is ignored by them. Encourage your audience to keep their cameras on and be sure to pause for any questions that are asked and to observe people’s expressions.

4. Refrain from Direct Communication

It becomes quite tempting to throw an inquiry towards people directly to check if they are really listening an taking in your presentation. Resist the urge and avoid putting any one from the audience into the spotlight as people might get uncomfortable and would take a hostile meaning out of it. Even if there does rises an occasion to point a question towards a person then just provide some context with it instead of expecting them to figure it out.

5. Take Notes the Traditional Way

If screen sharing is going on during a presentation then its better to take notes in an actual notebook. It is most likely that you would want to write down anything important for the meeting, but you obviously do not want it to be shared with the audience. Instead of not taking notes or accidentally displaying them on screen, write everything down in a physical notebook.

6. Have it Recorded

If it is possible then all your meetings should be recorded. This forces the audience to be present and not focus entirely upon taking down notes through the whole presentation. The recordings can also be advantageous for the people who were not able to participate live due to some reason or another. Although it is not exactly enjoyable to watch the recorded meetings afterwards, it is an essential exercise that can further enhance your presentation skills as you will be able to study any flaws up close and make up for them next time.

7. Maintain a Time Limit

Adhere to the time limit of the meeting. Regardless of the fact that the presentation is remote and the audience are not making much effort to participate in it except by just opening their laptop screens, it is still important stay within the particular time constraints. Do not talk for such long lengths that it gets dull and meaningless and loses the attention of the people. The presentation should end with enough time left for the audience to ask questions and also a recap of the upcoming steps if needed

8. Appoint a Wingman

Sometimes solo presentations cannot be avoided, but if there are no strict regulation regarding this point in your case, then get a capable wingman to assist you. They can take the job of jotting down notes and being the audience observer. If they pick up on any confusion from the audience empower them enough to be able to ask you questions that clarify any doubts and complications. Communicate with them thoroughly to prepare them for the meeting and tell them what you will be expecting them to do.

These 8 tips are s sure fire way to handle all sorts of remote presentations effectively. Virtually it can sometimes become difficult to communicate as openly as closely as we can in real life. But with a little effort and hard work you can even get your message across with a screen between you and your audience. If you still need further help regarding any aspects of presentation making you can reach out to presentation design company uae which is the best and most affordable of services.

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